Green’s message from God

By popular demand, here is the highlight of Channel 4’s In the Name of God documentary – the minute-long clip in which Stephen Green receives a message from on high.


9 Responses to “Green’s message from God”

  1. Alex says:

    Hahaha! Classic.

    I see all the right things happened re: fertility & embryology in the house of commons today.. So that’s good.

  2. marc draco says:

    This will piss him and Andrea off even more. Remember all the lobbying going on?

    “…her [Nadine Dorries, MP] plan was defeated by 332 votes to 190. A move to bring in a 22-week limit was opposed by 304 votes to 233.”

    Yes, fuck you, Nadine and all your acolytes. Women have to live with their bodies and it should be their right to choose what gets done to them!

  3. Britannia says:

    Good to see Green anointed by his imaginary friend again, shame it wasn’t a big piece of masonry.

    Great result from the Commons, a triumph of science and common sense over superstition and bigoted ignorance. Williams and Dorries won’t give in too easily; they’ll just resort to even more dishonest and devious means including ingratiating themselves with MPs.

  4. sean says:

    That clip cheered me up no end. Thanks!

  5. Stuart W says:

    “I’m feeling a bit persecuted”

    Paranoid habit of a lifetime anyway.

  6. TigerDunc says:

    Priceless – A seagull shitting on him is a message from god. If you hear anyone else’s voice in your head, you are locked away. If you hear God, you can do as you please.

  7. Steve says:

    MYbe it was a message from his god: ‘Steve, your a piece of shit and giving me a bad name please fuck off.’

  8. S Robertson says:

    Stephen Green has an interesting rant about the programme on his website. He seems to suggest that dispatches should have portrayed him in a better light because the Undercover Mosque show proves he is right:
    “Undercover Mosque showed the all the evils of Islam and the hatred against Jews and Christians being taught in mosques. Tablighi Jamaat, the group behind the megamosque plans, is part of the jihadist Deobandi movement. The 7th July bombers, Richard Reid the shoebomber, and those involved in a plot to blow up airliners were all Tablighi Jamaat followers.”
    I was under the impression that the trial is still ongoing and so they should be merely alleged plotters. The rest of his spiel makes him look like even more of a prick.

  9. Stuart W says:

    Just read it and wow, where do you start? Classic ‘Person must be stupid for not seeing me the way I see myself’ sniffing, mixed with a good dollop of hypocrisy about demonizing and intrusiveness.