Japanese cartoon “insults” Koran, offends Muslims

dio brandoA Japanese anime producer has been forced to apologise and suspend production of a cartoon because of a scene showing the villain reading the Koran.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a popular anime published by Shueisha Inc, features a baddie called Dio Brando who picks a Koran from a bookshelf and examines it before ordering the deaths of the hero and his chums.

This scene depicts Muslims as terrorists, which is not true at all. This is an insult to the religion and the producers would be considered to be enemies of Islam.

said the sane and rational Sheikh Abdul Hamid Attrash, chairman of the Fatwa Committee at Al-Azhar in Cairo.

There have been calls for an international Muslim boycott of Japanese goods. Good luck with that one, Muslim world.

Shueisha Inc, keen not to lose sales in the Muslim market, grovelled accordingly.

17 Responses to “Japanese cartoon “insults” Koran, offends Muslims”

  1. ZombieHunter says:

    So what does this fatwa commitee thing have to say about the comments made in the dispatches documentary by christians then??

  2. Martin James says:

    When will people accept that muslims are fanatics that do not deserve the same rights applied to the sane people of the world who espouse a ‘live and let live’ philosophy? They behave like children in a schoolyard – ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but word will never hurt me’ – is this children’s rhyme too lofty for anyone to understand?!

  3. marc draco says:

    Point is Martin, that Muslims are just one side of the die; extremist Christians are just as bad: take Stephen Green for example. OK, he doesn’t go round blowing shit up, but I don’t doubt that he would if he thought it would help his cause.

  4. Mark Hudson says:

    It’s always a variation on a theme with these people. So… you’re not terrorists, you’re not violent, but in some way we will end up being enemies of an entire religion if we upset you? And what does “enemies of Islam” mean exactly? I am quite happy to be an enemy of something so obviously rooted in stupidity, irrationality and totalitarian idiocy.

  5. sean says:

    You know what really pisses me off about religious groups taking offence at stuff… the very simple fact that 99.9999% of the people that are so offeneded they have to protest would NEVER have seen the cartoon / film /play / sculpture at all unless some dumb fucker pointed them in the direction.

    A very basic, obvious point, but I’ve got toothache and am feeling pretty cross.

    Never mind, me & Mr Swampchicken the Invisible shall smite ’em all later this afternoon.

  6. TigerDunc says:

    In defence of the majority though, the loonies are the minority. Live and let live. I do, in a neighbourhood in which there are a lot of muslims. They are my neighbours and collegues and my friends. They go to Mosque on a Friday, I go to the pub. I never tell them how to live their lives, they never tell me how to live mine and we are always happy to give each other the proverbial cup of sugar if needs be. They are by and large, good people, and it pisses me off that the loonies like the one quoted in the article gives them a bad name. It pisses them off as well.

  7. Britannia says:

    I read the grovelling apology and it made me fume; capitulation and submission again. The company concerned should have stuck two fingers up to these muzzie nutters and told them to keep their stupid religion to themselves. I to am getting seriously hacked off with the xtians and the muzzies trying to ram their preposterous beliefs down people throats. As for the so called moderates, it is them that allow the extremists to prosper; if they are worried about extremists within their ranks they should sort them out.

    To add to Marc’s comment. The xtians, emboldened by the muzzie antics are learning a thing or two; it won’t be long before they start bombing to get their way, just like the Americans religious fanatics who bomb abortion clinics, shoot Doctors, Gays and anyone else they disapprove of.

    Anyone with a religious belief should not be trusted.

  8. dio says:

    There is no sentence that Koran says… It is a malicious lie.
    The original Japanese is, “otherwise I will you”, not mentionning the Holy Quran. The Japanese News Agency stupidly made a false report on such a sensitive issue.

  9. marc draco says:

    “Anyone with a religious belief should not be trusted” – Britannia

    It (almost) pains me to say this, but I couldn’t agree more.

  10. […] Japanese publisher has been forced to suspend sales (via) of a series of comics, and the related DVD series, after Muslims decided to take offence. At issue […]

  11. triplea says:

    Dio Brando can kick the Muslim fundamentalists’ ass.

  12. Nadeem says:

    I’d appreciate it if Martin James,Britannia,Marc Draco & Triplea would avoid generalizing about Muslims, let alone, not make racist remarks about them. If the 4 of you must know I prefer doing special things for Muslims & non-Muslims who’re often decent & easy to relate to instead of Muslims & non-Muslims who’re opposite in either or both ways. In fact I’ve been in situations where I occasionally purchased toys & certain treats for Muslim & non-Muslim children who’re often well behaved & easy to relate to instead of Muslim & non-Muslim children who’re opposite in either and or both ways. My point is I judge people even kids by actions not religion. Finally I’m at least civil to Muslims & non-Muslims who don’t excite me.

  13. Andrew Nixon says:

    Nadeem – how is it possible to make racist remarks about Muslims when Islam isn’t a race?

    Besides – three of the people you mention are clearly referring to a specific group of muslims – those who go round wanting to censor anything negative about their religion – not all muslims. They are judging them by their actions, not their religion.

    Personally, though I think Islam is completely irrational, and that the Koran in places is backward and barbaric, I have no problem with Muslims wanting to believe it. But if in the course of practicing those beliefs they harm others or deny me or others their basic human rights – including the right to ridicule them – then it is my duty as a human being to shout up about it.

  14. Nadeem says:

    Andrew Nixon- First of all even if they didn`t make racist remarks about Muslims at least Britannia made a derogatory remark when he or she used the term mussie or muzzie and Martin James was definitely generalizing when he said Muslims are fanatics instead of saying SOME Muslims are fanatic or have fanatical characteristics. With all due respect Andrew I hope you don`t defend people who in your opininion discriminate Muslims and I meant it when I indicated in my previous comments that amongst Muslims & non-Muslims there`s both good and bad.

  15. Nadeem says:

    Sorry Andrew but when I carefully read the last paragraph of your comments I`m now offended by what you said even if you are entitled to your opinions

  16. Andrew Nixon says:

    Nadeem – fair enough if you’re offended. You have that right – the problem is that some Muslims are demanding the right to NOT be offended. Also, you haven’t explained how it is possible to make racist remarks about Muslims – Islam is not a race.

  17. Rintaro says:

    Wow. That particular group of Muslims must have some sort of mental defect. I’m waiting for the Harry Potter fanbase to go into uproar because some random bad guy just happens to pick up a copy of “Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix.”
    It sickens me that people can get so obsessed over a (quite awful) book.