Christian Voice pickets South Wales Echo

Despite descending rapidly into irrelevance and bankruptcy, failed fundamentalist lobby group Stephen Green’s Voice (aka Christian Voice) is still twitching in South Wales.

The Cynical Dragon informs us that a recent column by Dan O’Neil in the South Wales Echo on the subject of Stephen Green and his anti-gay activities prompted a six-strong protest in that newspaper’s foyer.

The column, which was entitled “If God considers gays an abomination, why did he create them?” (a fair question), contained a paragraph suggesting that Jesus was gay. This of course is the grossest blasphemy to the demented homophobes of CV, and is exactly the suggestion that drove the organisation to its disastrous legal action against Jerry Springer: The Opera (the line “Well maybe I am a bit gay” was spoken by the dream Jesus):

This Jesus feller swans around all day with a dozen other blokes. No women. Mark that, no women. And he wanders off into the mountains now and again to spend quality time with his, uh, favourites (Mark.9:2). He picks up small boys and girls and puts his hands upon them (Mark 10:16) And he was seen in a garden when one of his mates came up and kissed him (Matthew,26:48). Suspicious, eh?

When the protestors were ejected from the building they sang hymns in the street.

17 Responses to “Christian Voice pickets South Wales Echo”

  1. sean says:

    I wish Green would come up to North Wales to protest at something. Then I could protest outside his protest.

  2. I live only a few miles (about 20) from where he lives, but he never seems to do anything hereabouts. He really is a pathetic fellow, and you almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

  3. BSE says:

    North Wales? Can he afford the bus fare?

  4. Debbie Kean says:

    What, really is the matter with you people? Any view contrary to the majority one must be “protested” and the, and the and the holder of it attacked…
    That column by O’Neill was extremely offensive, and I just can’t see why and how sick views like his have ever bebecome mainstream!

    Debbie Kean

  5. sean says:

    Nothing the matter with us, Debbie. We just detest religious nutters who attempt to tell others how they should live.

  6. Sean says:

    I drive past there everyday and I didn’t see him.

    Oh and Debbie dear, the only attacking was done by the idiot Green, and the column, read by thousands, was clearly only offensive to a tiny minority of faith heads.

  7. sean says:

    Henceforth I shall be known as sean (a).

  8. jr says:

    Debbie Kean, Stephen Green has attempted to use the courts to attack the arts and freedom of speech. I suggest you address your comments to him.

  9. Stuart H. says:

    If you want some cheap fun, try asking an evangelical where exactly in the Bible it says Jesus was heterosexual.
    I guarantee nine out of ten times it’s about 30 seconds before they pick up what you actually asked.

  10. Dave says:

    I’ve just been informed that the Journalist involved and all other journos had already moved into new premises in Cardiff….

    therefore Christian Voice were demonstrating at an empty building.

  11. Stuart H. says:

    Half a dozen hymn-singing halfwits in an empty building -must have been just like Sunday for them then.

  12. John Whittle. says:

    Dan O’Neill “thinks” he knows everything about everything and everyone. He is so pathetic, rude, arrogant, a miserable example of a human being, his attitude sticks, he is so puffed up and pig headed. Isn’t it wonderful to have free speach. You pig Dan.

  13. sean says:

    Yeah, free speech is great… it means I can call you an arrogant fucking cunt with a mother fixation and delusional problems concerning a bunch of invisible friends. It means that I can call you and your kind (those that share your beliefs – you are, judging by your poor spelling and punctuation, a christian, are you not?) one of the worst things to happen to the human race ever… and I can do all of this without fear of reprisal. Makes you sick, doesn’t it?

  14. BSE says:

    Not only is he a christian but he reads the times…

    “Only the Spirit of the Living God could have revealed this. Praise God for her obedience. End of comment.

    John Whittle., Crosskeys, Newport. , Newport City.”

    His comment on the times website about that christian registrar who would not perform civil partnerships for gay men and lesbians… “Her obidience” John… was that the same obedience that resulted in her having a child whilst she was unmarried?

  15. Debbie Kean says:

    Man, I’ve just found this again after months, and what a bunch of angry men you all are!

    You can screech about (presumably) my grammar and punctuation, but until some brains trust fixes this verdammde form to I can see what I am typing, then you’re screeching is misplaced.

    Debbie Kean

    It seems free speech is not allowed for straight people, hey?

  16. Debbie Kean says:

    ““Her obidience” ” Sic)John… was that the same obedience that resulted in her having a child whilst she was unmarried?

    Oh, so persoanl abuse against particular people in the news is okay by you as well?

    Mind yer own!

    Debbie Kean

  17. Jerek says:

    “It seems free speech is not allowed for straight people, hey?”

    And yet here you are, Debbie, frothing away, with absolutely no-one stopping you. Just pointing at you and laughing…