Christians offended by plane and frog

The Freethinker carries two amusing stories of Christian offence-taking on two contents.

First, the crucified frog in Italy which has Catholics “hopping mad”.

<b>Ecce frog</b>:

Ecce frog: Give him a kiss and he'll turn into a prince of peace

Pope Benedict the Whatever is taking a summer break somewhere near the museum where this particular artwork is exhibited, prompting a local group to collect nearly 10,000 signatures calling for its removal.

Will somebody please disabuse these Catholics of the notion that they have some kind of copyright on the depiction of this form of execution?

Next, we travel to Canada for the Jesus Sucks flyby

<b>The plane truth</b>: Kenny and Spenny and their human-rights-violating banner

The plane truth: Kenny and Spenny and their human-rights-violating banner

The above stunt was part of a competition between TV show hosts Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice who were seeing who could offend the most people in one go. Hotz explains:

I wanted the banner to say ‘Heil Hitler’ or ‘Guys are stupid’ or something, but the airplane company wouldn’t agree to those. So, I said, ‘My friend Jesus [pronounced the Spanish way, Hay-sus] is getting married and I want to play a joke on him.’

Now Dean Skoreyko, of Coldstream, BC, is claiming the banner violated his human rights and has filed a claim with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. This appears to be, at least partly, a protest against the BCHRT itself, which is currently considering a complaint by Muslim students about an article by Mark Steyn in Maclean’s magazine, and is developing a reputation for being anti-free speech.

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  1. sean says:

    Jesus sucks… but does he swallow?