Cross-rage Down Under

<b>Only Women Bleed</b>: The triptych by Adam Cullen which has upset a judge

Only Women Bleed: The triptych by Adam Cullen which upset a judge

The latest case of Christian-symbol-inspired outrage comes from Australia where the ever-controversial Blake Prize for Religious Art is causing a stir again.

One of the judges, Christopher Allen, has resigned from the panel over the above painting by Adam Cullen. It is not clear whether his objections to the painting are religious or aesthetic.

Last year the prize angered prime minister John Howard and the Catholic Archbishop of Syndey George Pell. The Virgin Mary in a burka, and a Christ / bin Laden hologram were the contentious entries that time.

One Response to “Cross-rage Down Under”

  1. Chris Hughes says:

    If the objection is aesthetic — I’m with him all the way. What a crappy daub!