Random Mouse is a timorous beastie

Random House, the pusillanimous publishers who were frightened into spiking The Jewel of Medina by imaginary terrorists, have caved to prude-pressure once again.

Three complaints, and the threat of a boycott from Walmart-owned Asda, sufficed for the publisher to bowdlerise the latest children’s book by Dame Jacqueline Wilson. All instances of the word “twat” will be replaced with the word “twit” in future editions of My Sister Jodie, a novel for children aged ten and over.

What ninnies!

2 Responses to “Random Mouse is a timorous beastie”

  1. Mark says:

    Huh! If they felt they needed to substitute, then they should have used the word “twunt”, which doesn’t have any dictionary definition (of which I am aware) for prudes to point to, and which has a satisfying sound. As in: “The person at Random House who took this decision is obviously a complete twunt.”

  2. Steve says:

    Walmart can’t be seen to have nasty words siting along side their gun displays…what would the NRA say!