YouTube caves to resists Catholic pressure

The Desecration videos, which we wrote about 2 days ago are no more.

Biscuits are worthy of special protection, it seems.

(From Pharyngula)

UPDATE: (19:38) They are up again! (Thanks Alfster in the comments)

3 Responses to “YouTube caves to resists Catholic pressure”

  1. jr says:

    I wonder what else we can get declared holy and banned from films. How about cheese? Or scotch eggs?

  2. marc draco says:

    Predicatable. It’s wonder they don’t remove the anti-creationism and anti-psuedoscience videos too.

    Oh wait, they do, don’t they.


  3. Alfster says:

    19:22BST(or whatever) 1st Oct and the videos are up…must have been a miracle resurrection.