Jewel of Medina on hold

According to The Mail the recent firebombing of The Jewel of Medina publishers Gibson Square has had the desired effect.

Plans for publication have been suspended.

Alan Jessop, the publisher’s sales representative says,

He (Rynja) is in good spirits, but has put publication in suspended animation while he reflects and takes advice on what the best foot forward is

The author Sherry Jones has also spoken out,

You have to ask whether a thug with a gun or petrol bomb should be allowed to censor the people of Great Britain,’ Miss Jones, 47, said at her home in Spokane, Washington state.

This is about the future of free speech. Is it the case that there are now some books which cannot be published in Britain?

My publisher cannot fight this all by himself. I hope the people of Britain will support him. He is a courageous man

Martin Rynja is reportedly in hiding under police guard.

UPDATE: (Oct 3) As a result of the firebombing, American publisher Beaufort Books has brought forward the publication date from October 15th to this Monday.

3 Responses to “Jewel of Medina on hold”

  1. Melancholic Jakes says:

    Some good news: The American publishers have decided to speed up the release of the novel for Monday, 5th October next.

    Let us hope that Martin Ryjna stands his ground.

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