Jewel of Medina published in US

New York based Beaufort Books has published The Jewel of Medina ahead of schedule.

President Eric Kampmann:

We felt that… it was better for everybody… to let the conversation switch from a conversation about terrorists and fearful publishers to a conversation about the merits of the book itself.

UPDATE: (12:15) And that conversation has begun. Ayan Hirsi Ali is less than complimentary:

Ms Jones does not question the morality of the prophet. She does not judge him in a negative way. There is no hidden meaning between-the-lines that will inspire young Muslim female readers to question their faith or the inconveniences of marrying against one’s will, nor of sharing your husband with a dozen other women, nor even why it is wrong to be married off as a child to a man four times your age. In fact, Ms Jones makes the same lame excuses that Muslims make to condone the prophet’s behavior.

(Tip: The New Humanist)

One Response to “Jewel of Medina published in US”

  1. Melancholic Jakes says:

    The book does not appear to have received much in the way of favourable reviews:,0,5528031.story

    I have only read the prologue on this site:
    and I have to say that it strikes me as a Mills and Boon ‘bodice ripper’ with the purple prose to match.

    That said: it is not for the muslim fundamentalists to censor books or other publications through fear.