Ofcom raps Revelation TV for Islam opinion

Ofcom’s latest Broadcast Bulletin (PDF download) reveals that a Christian TV channel has been reprimanded because a guest on one of its shows expressed the opinion that Islam was not a religion of peace.

Revelation TV, co-founded by a former drummer for the mighty Barron Knights, is as whacky as Christian broadcasting comes. But Ofcom judged them to have overstepped the mark when “theologian, teacher and author ” Dan Juster (clearly a loon even by Christian fundie standards) said on Visions for Israel that he believed,

Islam cannot be defined as a peaceful, loving religion…Islam enforces its own viewpoint through the power of the sword through death…


Islam believes that violence is a legitimate means to establish and extend Islam.

Whether or not you agree with either of these statements – and they are both arguable with reference only to history and Islamic sacred texts – surely Juster has a right to voice them, and any channel, Christian or not, has a right to broadcast them?

Not according to Ofcom, who deemed Revelation TV to be in breach of Rule 4.1 of the Code (Broadcasters must exercise the proper degree of responsibility with respect to the content of programmes which are religious programmes).

So it is now irresponsible to express an honest opinion about a religion?

In its judgement, Ofcom made all the usual noises about “the right to freedom of expression”, but concluded:

this Code Rule requires broadcasters to exercise the proper degree of responsibility when, for example, using hyperbole which may include more extreme views which could be
deemed offensive to people in the audience who hold different views and beliefs.

What is more saddening is that Revelation TV, far from being outraged at the accusation (which, incidentally, stemmed from ONE complaint), are themselves grovelling apologetically at the very idea that they caused offence. In its defence to Ofcom, it appealed,

having viewed the previous six editions of the series and found them to be compliant with the Code, it was lulled into a false sense of security with respect to this seventh episode and did not view it for compliance prior to transmission.


if it had been aware of the programme’s content it would either not have shown it, or would have arranged a discussion/debate on the issues raised, since it was aware that as a religious television channel it had many viewers who were sympathetic to the Muslim faith.

What an appalling display from regulator and broadcaster alike.

14 Responses to “Ofcom raps Revelation TV for Islam opinion”

  1. marc draco says:

    Now that’s fucked up. (By the way, like the new design).

  2. MS says:

    1 complaint! To be honest, that’s proably a third of their viewing audience…

  3. Neil Hoskins says:

    “…deemed offensive to people in the audience who hold different views and beliefs…”

    From where I’m sitting, that’s all religious programming, then. Take it all off the air.

  4. martyn says:

    I’m surprised the superstitious fraudsters haven’t made it all pay per view to relieve the mentally ill of their cash.

  5. Bartholomew says:

    Revelation TV, co-founded by a former drummer for the mighty Barron Knights

    I saw them live once when I was a kid, this is bad news…

  6. IAN BANNER says:

    Revelation/Genesis tv is the best channel on air,Why should not the truth be told Islam is not a religion of peace,But then you cannot expect the lefty pc brigade to agree,They only condem christianity.

  7. SPJ says:

    I personally know a few people at this TV station. I am not a practising Christian but what I can tell you is that having known some of the broadcasters personally for many years. In that time I can say that they have shown and demonstrated unconditional and unjudgemental love in the value of their beliefs everday of their lives towards others Christian and non Christian alike. They have been to parts of the World that most peoples feet wouldnt tread on outside of their comfort zones, sometimes with their safety compromised. They have shown acts of kindness of love and compassion expecting nothing in return. They live in truth and love and it comes from there souls not the neccessity to be seen to be doing. Many of their acts are ones that are done without people knowing. I totally agree with the statements of Islam. It is a belief that accepts violence as acceptable to advance its cause. This Country is so so messed up with PC distorting the expression of opinion and in many cases truth. One day when people are staring that violence in their face they will realise they have been sleeping with the a threat for longer than they presently realise. You dont need to be religious to discern a peaceful religion versus an aggressive one. Do your homework. I have yet to see an Islamic charity collector on the street asking for money to help those less fortunate in need. I have yet to see a soup kitchen helping homeless people. I have yet to see an Islamic charity helping those in war torn areas (probably because they own most of the wars on the planet) I have yet to to see an Islamic charity helping the old and infirm, I have yet to see them helping the socially disadvantaged or disabled. Yet think about these charities that we see if we look, Oxfam, Worldvision, the Samaritans, Christian aid, Salvation army etc ….I rest my case.. a belief that is there to help others not to mention the thousands that we dont see or hear everday. Islam is unfortunately not a relgion of peace. Some of its followers may subscribe to peace but it is nothing other than a delusion to delude less discerning people.

  8. Monitor says:

    Well, SPJ, perhaps a little bit of education will help you to become a bit more discerning yourself. Charity is an important concept in Islam. Try a simple Google search for “Islamic charities” or “Muslim Charities”. See if that helps.

  9. cliff graves says:

    revelation tv try to exercise respect. In the past that has been shown to islamic media /tv Can somebody please explain what a holy jihad is?? why they are necessary and what benefits they ultimately acheive in today’s soceity

  10. Barbara Collar says:

    I agree that Islam is not a religion of peace. The trouble is these days it is wrong to speak the truth, but people will easily accept a lie when it is said long enough and loud enough by anybody. If you read the Qur’an as I have you will pick out dozens of verses from the Suras which confirm:
    Sura 47v 4 “smite the necks of those who do not accept the teaching of Islam until they are subdued”
    Sura 2v190-191; Sura 9v29; Sura 5 v 51; etc. etc. etc. And if some think they are a religion of peace why don’t they visit other countries where other religions are treated as second class citizens; also if a Muslim leaves the faith or converts to another he is killed by his own family.

  11. TE says:

    I noted the comments about Christian charities and then the reply about Islamic Charities; what I would like to point out is that like Freemasonry, Islamic charities only seem to raise aid to benefit their own believers or followers, Christian Charities will assist any one, any time, however they can!!!
    I took the liberty of cutting and pasting a snippet from The Google search produced when I checked Islamic charities as suggested!
    Islamic Aid is an Islamic relief charity helping Muslim community …
    an Islamic relief charity helping the poor, orphans, disabled & victims of earthquake, floods. Your helping hand to use zakah, sadaqah, etc properly.
    http://www.islamicaid.org.uk/ – 30k – Cached – Similar pages
    Any religion that allows men to sleep around (spread their seed), cut off hands or even crush childrens arms for stealing – even if the stolen item is some bread when they are starving, or to stone, shoot or kill a woman by beheading for having an affair – whether an affair is proved or not, is NOT a religion of peace but rather one of violence or at very least, hypocrisy!!!

  12. Gordon says:

    Revelation TV is actually part funded by the British government through the gift aid scheme.

    The British taxpayer coughed up enough money last year in subsidy to Revelation TV to buy a house for a homeless family or pay six or seven nurses for a year. Click Here for an article explaining how channels like Revelation TV and God TV get cash from the taxpayer.

    Yes its shocking and yes nobody seems to have noticed this is going on.

  13. IAN BANNER says:

    Gordon seems to be in a bit of a muddle,tax aid is collected on the donations sent in by viewers like myself,which you can agree to diclose if you are a tax payer or not,it is not goverment funded,sorry to burst your bubble.

  14. Gordon says:

    The government decides what counts as a charity. One of the tests is “public benefit”. Its hard to see what public benefit a religious TV channel has.

    The other issue is that they are giving gift aid to God TV which uses fundraising techniques which would not be permitted if they were broadacsting under a UK broadcast licence.