Blasphemy news roundup

The UN General has voted (again) to adopt a draft resolution calling for all countries to do something about “defamation of religions”. The reason? Because:

Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.

Gosh! I wonder why that could be?

The slightly good news is that the resolution was passed with a significantly reduce majority this time, thanks to the activity of human rights groups.

Meanwhile, the South African High Court has banned The Jewel of Medina from sale througout the country because it is deemed to be blasphemous. The decision was based on the American Professor Denise Spellberg’s critique of the book.

Zehir Omar, advocate for the hilariously named Scholars of the Truth who brought the complaint, says:

The salient parts of this application found that the Jewel of Medina oversteps the bounds of historical fiction. It is characterised by insulting and lewd messages and innuendos that knock and ridicule Islam and the holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

So now nobody in South Africa is allowed to read it.

One Response to “Blasphemy news roundup”

  1. RichM says:

    Well, I divested my portfolio once back in the bad old days of apartheid. I suppose I can do it again.