“Totally without merit” Christian lawyers fail again

The zombie-worshipping pettifoggers at the Christian Legal Centre just can’t seem to get their day in court. Fresh from the humiliation of having their “Jesus’ Penis” case stopped by the CPS, they have just been informed by the High Court that their test case against the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is

totally without merit

and unworthy of a hearing.

Licences have been granted to Newcastle University and Kings College London to undertake inter-species research which could lead to breakthroughs in treatment for diseases such as cancer, HIV/Aids, Parkinson’s, and strokes.

To the Bible-befuddled brains at the CLC and Comment on Reproductive Ethics (Core), this was clearly a step too far. To the judge at the High Court, thankfully, their challenge was “unarguable”.

Newly nicknamed Andrea “Totally Without Merit” Minichiello Williams was particularly upset because they were ordered to pay £20,000 costs, too:

This is a sad day for justice in this country. We see a public interest body, with little funds and no other way of challenging matters of huge ethical and legal importance, being penalised with a £20,000 costs bill.

Maybe the message will get through eventually: the reason you keep getting knocked back is because you are irrelevant, outnumbered, and – more often than not – profoundly wrong.

5 Responses to ““Totally without merit” Christian lawyers fail again”

  1. marc draco says:

    They keep forgetting that Dubya is running America (not for much longer) and Blair has fucked off now. They don’t have that much support.

    This position has been argued (by clever people) and lost. Why do they persist and why is my cock so hard at the news? These questions need answering.

  2. Stuart W says:

    Last time we saw Andrea on that hilarious Dispatches she spent most of her screen time with a frosted smile across her face (because fundies are nicey-nice, really). Bet that bill has knocked it off for a while…

  3. Francis H says:

    I am astonished how bigoted this site is. True and honest Atheists admit that diverse views should be regarded with respect. I have NEVER mocked anyone with a different viewpoint to myself but your whole posting is aimed at ridicule.
    I think the comments by marc draco and Stuart W illustrate my point?

    • Monitor says:

      @Francis H, did you read the post? These people are trying to hold back medical research which could potentially save thousands of lives. They are a politically active association who, if they had their way, would outlaw abortion and have you locked up for blaspheming or being homosexual.

      You respect them if you want. Here, we will use the weapon of ridicule against them without compunction. It is no less than they deserve, and it may contribute in a small way to discouraging others from joining them in their illiberal, theocratic political programme.

      • Francis H says:

        @Monitor, I did reply to this via email directly. Pehaps you have considered my suggestions offered with respect and optimism?