Springer’s back!

It’s the gift that never stops giving.

The usual suspects are outraged at a plan by students of St Andrew’s university to stage the first ever amateur production of Jerry Springer: The Opera as part of the On the Rocks art festival in April.

Stephen “Birdshit” Green, national director of the failed fundamentalist organisation Stephen Green’s Voice (aka Christian Voice), makes all the usual noises: “cesspit”, “Mohammed”, “cowardly”, “evil”, “God’s judgement” – you get the idea.

His solicitor, Michael Phillips, who helped Stephen in the expensive BBC blasphemy case which effectively led to the end of the Blasphemy Law in the UK , had this to say:

It’s a worry that this production is rearing up again, and it’s sad that something with so little artistic merit was given such a lot of attention because it used profanity and blasphemy.

St Andrews University could be opening themselves up for protests which could lead to legal action

What? More bankruptcy-threatening legal action? Didn’t Green have to beg the BBC to waive his costs the last time?

if there is somebody with the right funding behind them

Ah, right. Once bitten, eh Mikey?

UPDATE: (2 Feb) Richard in the comments reminds us that Michael Phillips was the lawyer who acted so effectively on behalf of Emily “God’s Nob” Mapfuwa in the Gateshead Baltic art gallery case in which it turned out there was actually “no case to answer”.

7 Responses to “Springer’s back!”

  1. Chris Hughes says:

    t’s sad that something with so little artistic merit was given such a lot of attention because it used profanity and blasphemy

    But it was only ‘Birdshit’ who gave it attention for those reasons. If he minds his own business, then all will be well, tra-la!

    As for artistic merit, I rather think it had a great deal of that quality…

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  3. Bartholomew says:

    Well, after representing Emily Mapfuwa went so well, why wouldn’t Phillips fancy another target?

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  5. j.r. says:

    Is it time for Stephen Green – The Opera?

  6. Stuart H. says:

    J.R. – I think Green’s already got a theme song in ‘A Little Night Music’. It’s called ‘Send In The Clowns’.

  7. Stuart W says:

    What is this potential ‘legal action’ that Michael ‘no case to answer’ Phillips is referring to? A harassment charge against his ghastly client perhaps?