More Wilders: he will fly to UK

Geert Wilders has confirmed that he will fly to the UK tomorrow, in spite of official warnings that he might be refused entry:

We’ll see if the British government is really so cowardly as to ban me from entering the country.

The man is clearly determined to make The Guardian report this story.

UPDATE: (12 Feb) BBC radio reports that the Dutch ambassador will meet Wilders at the airport “if that is necessary”.

3 Responses to “More Wilders: he will fly to UK”

  1. marc draco says:

    “British government” and “bravery in the face of overwhelming twattishness” are not two things I expect to see in the same sentence any time soon.

    Kow-towing to Muslim extremism… definitely.

    Anyway, it might be a wake-up call for the Lords if Fitna is shown – with or without Geert. The really unpleasant stuff comes from the Islamists… speak as you find, folks.

  2. marc draco says:

    THIS from the BBC (with the exception of my ranting)

    Lord Ahmed, who said other Muslim peers shared his concerns, stressed that Mr Wilders’ views would certainly present a threat to public order.

    [WHY do we have Muslim peers in a SECULAR country with a Christian history????!!!!]

    “When Muslims are attacked obviously you will see people react to that.”

    But Lord Pearson said the decision to bar him was “weak and unacceptable in the extreme”.

    “The Home Office is guilty of appeasement on this, clearly.”

    The peer said the screening would still go ahead on Thursday whether Mr Wilders was present or not.

    He said the Parliamentary authorities were happy for the event to take place but had ordered extra security for it.

    “The film does not threaten anyone,” he said, adding that it simply showed how violent extremists justified their actions.

    He said the screening would be followed by a debate on issues relating to the Koran, extremism and freedom of speech.

  3. The irony is that it’s the Muslim reactions that are likely to cause the hatred, not the showing the film. Cannot our pusillanimous, kowtowing, appeasing twats of politicians see that? Are their memories so short that they forget the wailing and gnashing of teeth (and setting fire to things and violence and other stuff) that came about from the Jillands-Posten cartoons and the Modog and other Mostuff?

    I see (and have blogged – I think clicking on my name above will get you there) Peter Tatchell’s response. He doesn’t agree with Wilders’s politics generally (we wouldn’t expect him to), but has been consistent in standing up for free speech, even when it’s gone against causes he’s championing (mostly gay). This has made me so angry.