Pope condom-head toon condemned

<b>Knob head</b>: Chief biscuit-muncher not shown sufficient respect

Knob head: Chief Biscuit-Muncher not shown sufficient respect

This is the Peter Brooks cartoon which prompted Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor to pen an angry letter to The Times.

I was appalled at the tasteless cartoon depicting Pope Benedict XVI. No newspaper should show such disrespect to a person who is held in high esteem by a large proportion of Christians in the world. To pillory the Pope in this way is totally unacceptable.

And it’s not just the Murph who is exercised by the recent outcry prompted by Pope Benedict the Whatever’s criminally irresponsible remarks about condoms. The Catholic church in Italy has officially rejected the mockery.

Angelo Bagnasco, the country’s top bishop:

We will not accept the Pope being made the object of mockery and offence, in the media or elsewhere.

He represents for everyone a moral authority, which this journey has made people appreciate even more.

How hurtful. You offer up some sincere and heartfelt mockery and they throw it back in your face.

(Hat tip The Freethinker)

10 Responses to “Pope condom-head toon condemned”

  1. barriejohn says:

    Sadly, no condom confers 100% protection from Catholicism.

  2. ZombieHunter says:

    Thats apprpriate head gear for a total dick head

  3. Stonygroud says:

    “He represents for everyone a moral authority…” The guy has got to be joking. He represents a moral authority only to those infected with the debilitating brain disease that is Catholicism. To everyone else he is a vile, poisonous reptile who is directly resposible for millions of deaths.

  4. j.r. says:

    Yes, there is far too little respect for this former hitlerite who is bent on infecting millions with a horrible incurable disease in pursuit of his quest for world domination.

  5. Metal Ollie says:

    Awww… diddums! Did the poor ickle wickle Popey Wopey get upset over a cartoon. I suppose we should be grateful he isn’t issuing Fatwa’s calling for our imminent destruction…

    Perhaps if he engaged his brain before opening his pie-hole, he wouldn’t BE mocked. His opinions on contraception, in particular condoms, are as worthless as his non existent deity. AIDS kills millions of African people, and this idiot thinks condoms EXACERBATE the situation? On which planet is he currently residing?

    His Catholicism is poisoning as many minds as AIDS, so perhaps a condom over the head is an appropriate form of protect against his all powerful magical kingdom. Not interested in ANYTHING the Pope has to say, since he takes his morals from a cult and nothing more. Gather 30 or 40 people, have a charismatic leader and make some outrageous claims about gods, and you are called a cult.. Gather 20 million (or more) and you can call yourself a legitimate religion. They equate to the same thing, and I do not have any respect for the opinions of either. Advising AGAINST condom use is tantamount to creating his own personal Holocaust; except these victims could be spared by the use of one simple prophylactic.

    To pillory the Pope is “unacceptable”? No.. talking bollocks on something you know nothing about, and should keep your damn nose out of.. that is unacceptable. Sod the Pope and his pathetic religion. Moral majority my backside!

  6. Mark says:

    We wrote a satirical article on this and makes the point of how we allow attacks against the pope but not against Allah:

    Catholics riot over Pope cartoon, burn cars, demand death of cartoonist

  7. Nick says:

    Mark, very funny, but the Danish cartoons that sparked widespread rioting in the Muslim world were of Muhammad, not Allah, and thus a closer analogue to the Pope!

  8. j.r. says:

    we allow attacks against the pope but not against Allah

    Who’s this “we”?

  9. Paul says:

    Those resposponsible for publishing the insulting cartoon of Pope Benedict with a condom on his head, should read “very carefully” the information in the following website:


  10. wanderer2785 says:

    well wat the pope comented upon was wrong n the above blogs seems to do a lot of justice to his stupid comment…………. long live free will