Condom Jesus banned from

The Freethinker has an interesting story about Belgian artist Ben Heine getting banned from the ironically named, a website for artists. His crime – to post his picture of a crucified Jesus with a condom on his erect penis.

The piece was an angry reaction to the current pontiff’s idiotic pronouncements in Africa about condoms and AIDS.

Says Heine,

DeviantArt allows huge collections of images with genitals everywhere but not a little drawing defying the Institution … I find this pitiful. It seems that political art doesn’t have its place on this “Big Brother” site. How does DA dare to call itself “Deviant” then?

To be fair, the rules at DA do explicitly forbid the display of “pornographic content”, which includes,

• Erections.
Male subjects may not be depicted with an erection.

However, it is not everyday that one sees a picture of a crucified saviour-figure, rampant and ensheathed. So here you go:

<b>Well hung</b>: Jesus Christ, but with a condom on his nob

Well hung: Jesus Christ, but with a condom on his penis

5 Responses to “Condom Jesus banned from”

  1. Chris Hall says:

    This is so incorrect I’m disgusted, I thought it was only three nails.

  2. barriejohn says:

    He`s also apparently giving a “V” sign with his right hand – something that Jesus would NEVER have done, I`m sure! (Well – maybe it`s the “V” for “Victory” – we`ll give him the benefit of the doubt there!!)

  3. barriejohn says:

    On second thoughts, when you consider what an outspoken, oddball, anti-establishment figure the “Jesus” of the Gospels is, maybe flicking a “V” sign at the Sadducees would be completely in character after all!

  4. oddinnuendo says:

    I’m horrified that a site used to display artwork would condemn freedom of expression.

    Who needs anti-blasphemy laws when the media is religion’s bitch already.

  5. That was insane.. But is it really Jesus or the other crucified men of our time? 🙁