Wilders loses appeal, will go on trial

Koran ban man Geert Wilders has lost his appeal to the Supreme Court, and will definitely go on trial on charges of inciting hatred and causing insult to Muslims.

On the surface, he does not seem to be happy about this:

It is a political trial. I am being prosecuted for saying about Islam what millions of Dutch people think. Freedom of speech is in danger of being sacrificed on the altar of Islam.

We suspect he is secretly quite pleased.

It will be an interesting trial.

6 Responses to “Wilders loses appeal, will go on trial”

  1. journeyman says:

    I have E-mailed the Dutch Embassy,and the Justice MInistery in the Netherlands to protest at this collaboration with religious fascism.
    Next step; same thing again and send money to the Support Geert Wilders fund for legal expenses.
    It has been reported that the Dutch authorities are becoming disustured by the amount of support for Wilders and the number of written complaints.
    If they think the British refusal of entry to Wilders increased his popularity,just wait until the Dutch courts find him giulty.
    “There is a tide in the affairs of men”,and the way the tide is turning ,it may be those prosecuting Widers that could end up in the dock–accused of treason against Western Civlization.
    It must be getting near time for the creation of a “Treason Manifesto”.
    First one s on the list,being the European Council and their Eurabian ambitions.
    We are all Geert Wilders now.

  2. Stonyground says:

    I don’t quite see how they can make it stick, the Fitna film was just edited footage of some Muslims doing what some Muslims do. As for insulting them since when has that been a crime? They should stop being so thin skinned.

    Off topic, has anyone experienced trouble accessing the Jesus and Mo website? it seems to have been down for a couple of days.

    • Monitor says:

      @Stonyground, J&M works for me.

    • barriejohn says:

      @Stonyground, I haven`t had any problems with Jesus and Mo either, and the most recent cartoons have been brilliant! Maybe those pesky muzzies have hacked in to your computer Stonyground – hahaha!!

      • Stonyground says:

        @barriejohn, I think that you may be right, I can access the site from work but not from home. Strange!

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