Challenging the Irish blasphemy law – first shot across the bow

While we are waiting for Atheist Ireland to come out with its official challenge to Ireland’s shiny new blasphemy law (branded by Richard Dawkins as “a wretched, backward, uncivilised regression to the middle ages”), columnist Ian O’Doherty has had bash at it himself in the Irish Independent:

So, here we go — Catholicism is a cannibal cult which eats its leader, Jews who believe that God wants them to settle in the Holy Land are deranged lunatics, Muslims who want to install Islamic law are nothing but fascist terrorists and Scientologists are nothing but a bunch of brainwashed weirdos who have been suckered by the malicious rantings of a failed science-fiction writer.

Alright lads, I’ll see you in court.

Well, it’s more like defamation than blasphemy – apart from the Catholic clause it attacks believers rather than their beliefs – but it’s a start.

Let’s hope that Atheist Ireland do a better job. They should be able to, provided they don’t get bogged down with concerns about dismaying “normal believers,” in which case they are doomed to fail.

5 Responses to “Challenging the Irish blasphemy law – first shot across the bow”

  1. robert says:

    Has the President of Ireland signed this into law yet? Maybe they should wait until she does, otherwise their provocations may come to nothing 😉

  2. Monitor says:

    Technically, it has still to be signed into law by the president – it has just been passed by parliament. That said, I don’t think you can ever have enough blasphemous provocation, so I don’t see much point in waiting.

  3. Richard says:

    It’s a shame it’s such a weak bit of blasphemy. Shouldn’t he have said that the Catholic God is a jealous, vicious bully; if Mary was a virgin, my arse is a tea cake; Mohammed was a camel raping murderer; Xenu couldn’t find his bollocks with a map. That kind of thing?

  4. Alfster says:

    How about: the reason the gospels don’t talk about Jesus’ early years is because he was fucking Mary up the arse while sucking his dad off (that’s Joseph not God…what the hell *he* was sucking God off…let’s go for it.)

  5. Greg. Tingey says:

    Yeshua ben Joseph was the result of the unmarried mother Mary’s f*ck,
    Mahmud buggerd pigs when he wasn’t being apeadophile rapist, Judaism (like christianity) is just a collection of Bronze-Age Camelherder’s myths, and as for Elron, anyone who believe that needs new brains.
    Then there are the Morons, to whom I suggest a reading of “The Valley of Fear” would be an instructive experience.