Finnish Christians object to Christian rocker

Religious groups who use the Tampere Areena in Finland have forced Alice Cooper to cancel his show because it conflicts with the venue’s “Christian-based policies.”

The promoter said:

[Several religious groups] and others use Tampere Areena for their events, so the venue’s management did not want Alice Cooper appearing in the same hall. The contract which we received from Tampere Areena specifies that no artists may perform there who ‘incite evil and the power of darkness’

The objectors are apparently unaware that Alice Cooper is himself a zombie-worshipper of the fundamentalist variety:


UPDATE: (11:40) Similarly, Polish Catholics have branded Madonna a “crypto-satanist” for daring to perform on the same day as the Feast of the Assumption (the day when the Holy Virgin Mary mother of God was rocketed up to heaven).

At the concert, Madonna thanked God for giving her such a great job.

One Response to “Finnish Christians object to Christian rocker”

  1. Jon says:

    I saw a Madonna gig a couple of years back. She caused a stir by rising up from the stage attached to a glitterball style spangly crucifix. It wasn’t the crucifix per se that upset the audience, it was having to wait 3 days for the encore…. 🙂