Spanish Catholics whine about Agora

ppagora061009A new film by Alejandro Amenabar has provoked complaints from a Spanish Catholic organisation which claims it will “stir up hatred against Christians.”

The president of the Religious Anti-Defamation Observatory, Antonio Alonso Marcos, has sent an open letter (link to Googlish translation) to the Spanish director:

The reason for my letter is to make you realize something that you already know but have dismissed as unimportant: your film is going to awaken hatred against Christians in today’s society. You present a biased view of the relationship between science and the Church, between faith and reason. It has been pointed out to you directly and indirectly, and you have used a somewhat vague excuse and looked the other way.

The film is a biopic of Hypatia, a 5th century neo-Platonic philosopher who was scraped to death by a howling mob of seashell-wielding Christians. So it is hardly surprising that the OADIR is objecting – they’d be much happier if the bloody past of the Catholic Church was kept hidden from the glare of Hollywood publicity.

Bartholomew has more about this organisation, and the clownish Antonio Alonso Marcos.

4 Responses to “Spanish Catholics whine about Agora

  1. Stonyground says:

    If Christianity in general, and the Catholic Church in particular, did not have such a rich history of evil and despicable acts, then the Catholic Church would not have had to build an entire industry around trying to keep them hushed up.

    Quite how much “hatred against Christians” would have to be stirred up to come even close to equalling their 2000 year record of hating everyone else and each other?

  2. barriejohn says:

    Antonio Alonso Marcos = So Son, Am Croatian Loon.

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