Brinkmann’s “honour-killing” thriller finds a new German publisher

Der Spiegel (Googlish translation here) reports the good news that the crime novel recently cancelled by a Dusseldorf publisher for fear of violent Muslim reaction has found another publisher.

Leda-Verlag plans to present Gabriele Brinkmann’sEhre, wem ehre… (To Whom Honour is Due) at the Frankfurt book fair this week. Publisher Heike Gerdes conceded that the book “might provoke some,” but insisted that it did not single out “the Turks” or Islam for criticism, focusing instead on traditional misogynic attitudes.

We believe that everyone should form their own impression. We have found nothing in the text which would deter us from publication, and will bring out the book in full.

A percentage of the book’s profits will be donated to the charity Solidarity With Women in Need.

As a precaution, the police have been informed.

One Response to “Brinkmann’s “honour-killing” thriller finds a new German publisher”

  1. Aphanes says:

    “might provoke some,” I presume the ones it is provoking are the ones who support honour killing through their religious views?

    Honour killing is a fact. It is also a fact that it is usually performed by non-christian religious mindsets which are still mired in medieval and earlier practices, which fortunately the West has now grown out of. If this is Islam so be it. It deserves full and vigorous criticism by all who object to this obscene practice.

    The first publishers should be castigated for their cowardice and pandering to a specific cultural group. The second publishers are to be applauded.