Oh Crumbs! Comic Genesis upsets Christian Institute

An illustrated version of the Book of Genesis by Robert Crumb has offended the religious sentiments of a group of Christians.

<b>Who's your daddy</b>: The world's most righteous man (according to God) gets pissed and shags his daughters

Who's your daddy: The world's most righteous man (according to God) gets pissed and shags his daughters

The arch homophobes of the Christian Institute do not like the fact that their sex-and-violence ridden “holy book” has been graphically exposed as being ridden with sex and violence. Spokesman Mike Judge said:

It is turning the Bible into titillation. It seems wholly inappropriate for what is essentially God’s rescue plan for mankind.

If you are going to publish your own version of the Bible it must be done with a great deal of sensitivity. The Bible is a very important text to many many people and should be treated with the respect it deserves.

Er… it is being treated with the respect it deserves, Mikey.

Representing it in your own way is all very well and good but it must be remembered that it is a matter of people’s faith, their religion.

Faith is such an important part of people’s lives that one must remember to tread very carefully.

What on earth for? If you believe that the Bible is “God’s rescue plan for mankind,” then you have made a mistake. You can’t expect people to tiptoe around your mistake-based sensitivities.

8 Responses to “Oh Crumbs! Comic Genesis upsets Christian Institute”

  1. barriejohn says:

    If Mike Judge considers these cartoons to be “titillation”, then he is either using the English language in a most inappropriate way, or he is completely barmy! (Oh, yes – I seem to have answered my own question there!!)

  2. Stonyground says:

    As usual the Godly are falling over themselves to dissaprove of something when they have no logical reason to do so. The fact is that illustrated Bibles have been done many times before but these have tactfully tiptoed around the rude bits. But the rude bits have always been there, the Bible has always been filled with barbarism and what the prudish would describe as moral filth. All Mr. Crumb has done is draw attention to the fact. It’s your Bible you idiots, deal with it.

  3. barriejohn says:

    Comic Genesis from a “cosmic genius”, perhaps?

  4. Shatterface says:

    Off topic, I know, but still:

    Christian Voice press release on the death of Stephen Gately:

    ‘In the meantime, if Stephen Gately’s death serves as a warning to millions of Boyzone fans not to get involved in his heartless world of degradation and depravity it will not have been in vain. I just hope he was praying in repentance when he died, praying for God to forgive him his sins by the merits of the blood of Jesus Christ, asking for release for his tortured mind and fellowship with the God who alone has power to forgive and restore. I pray to see Gately in heaven, repentant, forgiven, restored, washed clean in the blood of Jesus. Amen.’



    • Angela_K says:

      CV’s comment re Mr Gately is par for the course from a bunch of mindless bigots.

      I do hope Mr Crumb works his way through the whole bible; there is much to entertain – looking forward to the massacre of the innocents and other such nasty bits.

      • Stuart W says:

        I think ‘bunch of’ might be generous, as the overwhelming bulk of Christian Voice’s membership seems to be Stephen Green and his computer.

    • barriejohn says:

      How can you pray to see someone in Heaven when they’ve already departed? Even if prayer had any validity it’s complete nonsense! However, none of this rivals Jan Moir’s (now notorious) ill-informed, bigoted invective in the Daily Mail. What seems to have been overlooked even there is that the harpy even dragged the demise of Matt Lucas’s partner, the late Kevin McGee, into the equation, even though his death was clearly suicide! I’m not going to quote her appalling remarks again, as they are widely reported on the web and elsewhere, but to paraphrase that sadly-missed guardian of public morals, Mary Whitehouse, “it was the most homophobic thing I’ve read in a very long time!”

  5. Freeminder says:

    Looking forward to the bits where:
    Moses tells his terrorists/liberators/freedom fighters to slaughter an entire tribe but keep the pubescent girls for their own amusement…

    Delilah gets her kit off and betrays hubby….

    The bible endorses slavery, rape and murder

    Just realised that the above could be headlines in the News of the World…