Abolishing blasphemy in Northern Ireland

A motion by Lord Lester to abolish the law against blasphemous libel in Northern Ireland is being fervently opposed by the fundamentalist group Christian Concern for Our Nation.

They have called on their members to pray.

Doughty defenders of free speech when it involves their right to denigrate homosexuals or disturb their neighbours with amplified God-rock, CCFON always become concerned by the prospect of allowing anyone to disrespect their imaginary friend with impunity. Really – free speech is all well and good, but there are limits, you know!

It would be completely unacceptable for the House of Lords to make a decision which would affect the religious culture of Northern Ireland without proper discussion and without involving Northern Ireland’s elected representatives.

Please pray that the Northern Ireland representatives would have the opportunity to voice their concerns to the Government and that the clause would be defeated.

Pray away.

The Guardian reports Lord Lester as saying:

There is now a grotesque situation in Ireland[…] In the Republic of Ireland, there has been a rebirth of the offence of blasphemous libel for domestic constitution reasons, and in Northern Ireland we have not yet managed to get rid of it.

God no more needs to be protected by criminal law in Northern Ireland than in Great Britain.

2 Responses to “Abolishing blasphemy in Northern Ireland”

  1. CthulhuCrackers says:

    Lord Lester states, rightfully, that “God no more needs to be protected by criminal law in Northern Ireland than in Great Britain.”

    But really, does God need to be protected by criminal law anywhere?

  2. barriejohn says:

    The Christians are praying! Does Lord Lester Piggott know that, I wonder? His efforts are doomed!!