God toons outrage Austrian Catholics

An Austrian cartoonist’s blasphemous depictions of Jesus and Jehova have provoked the wrath of Catholic imams in Austria (Googlish translation here).
"We know what the Church looks like, but what about God?"
Manfred Deix published two cartoons in News magazine, commenting on the recent banning of crucifixes in classrooms. Outraged deacons in Vienna decided his depictions of god and a multi-cultural Jesus and the cross contravened an old National Socialist Prohibition act which outlawed the denigration of religious teachings.

"How the crucifix ban will be dealt with"
Deix is unrepentant.

Apparently some members of the Catholic church are following in the footsteps of radical Muslims.

It’s a well trodden path, and they’ve been down it many times before.

(Hat tip Pharyngula)

3 Responses to “God toons outrage Austrian Catholics”

  1. barriejohn says:

    Apart from the “cross-shaped” blackboard, and the teacher with the image on his shirt (I actually knew people who wore jackets with religious texts written on them in huge fluorescent letters while “witnessing”!) I didn’t find them all that funny I must say; but what’s all the fuss about? The ‘Cross’ predates Christianity as a religious symbol by millennia; and as for the depictions of ‘God’, how do they know that he doesn’t look like any of these in any case? Have they actually seen him?

  2. Stuart says:

    “multi-cultural Jesus”?!?!

    Every one bloomin’ well knows that Jesus was blonde, pale skinned (small upturned button nose) with blue eyes.


  3. Would love to see an English translation of these cartoons.