Klausen speaks out against Index on Censorship

Jytte Klausen, the subject of the now notorious interview by Index on Censorship (see below), has spoken about her frustration at their decision not to illustrate her interview with the cartoons in question.

A reasonable risk assessment would take into consideration that (a) the silly things have been reprinted many more times with no consequences than the opposite, and (b) the bad guys cited as the reason for not printing them already are already in prison. The presumption that there is an endless supply of combustible Muslim terrorists ready to pounce on publishers is both false and malignant. […] [I am] flabbergasted that the board of Index on Censorship has convinced itself that our society is permeated by terrorism and we are compelled to sacrifice core values to an uncertain and ill-defined threshold of toleration set by the terrorist.

One Response to “Klausen speaks out against Index on Censorship”

  1. Susan Ingram says:

    I might have bought that if a ‘combustible Muslim’ hadn’t just tried to kill one of the cartoonists. Bad timing!