Lars Vilks gets a threat too

Down boy! One of the Lars Vilks Modog toons

Swedish artist Lars Vilks is the latest cartoonist to receive a threat from jihad group al-Shabaab (“The Lads”).

The phlegmatic creator of the Modog series of cartoons got a couple phone calls from someone claiming to represent the Somalian Islamothugs. Vilks told his local newspaper:

The man, who spoke accented Swedish, asked me if I knew about what happened in Denmark and to the artist Kurt Westergaard. I said I certainly did.

The man then explained that they were out after more and that they would soon come for me. I told them they were welcome.

2 Responses to “Lars Vilks gets a threat too”

  1. Stuart says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this, I have cross-posted.

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