Norwegian imam doesn’t get apology, mutters threateningly

He doesn’t want trouble, you see. He just wants an apology.

Imam Malana-hafiz Mehboob-ur-Rehma met with the editor of Dagbladet, and was disappointed to find the newspaperman standing by his principles. In other words, no apology was forthcoming for the Norwegian daily’s printing of a Mohammed cartoon to illustrate an article.

The imam of the Islamic Cultural Centre said:

I was very glad when Dagbladet wanted to have this meeting, but am very disappointed because Dagbladet want to stand their ground.
This time we fear that there can be bigger problems than when the cartoons of Muhammed were printed in 2006. Then it was the communities and the Islamic council who demanded an apology. Now it’s not organizations, mosques and communities, but individuals and then the situation can get out of control.

But of course, he says he cannot take responsibility for what comes next.

The meeting was set up by Conservative Party politician on the Oslo council Aamir Sheikh, who had hoped both parties would “give and take” in order to “reach a compromise.” (ie, give us an apology, and we’ll take it).

The acting editor says he does not regret printing the cartoon:

I don’t regret it, they can think what they want, but I think Dagbladet should have the right to illustrate the new in it’s own way.

There as a demonstration planned for Friday, organised by ex-con Arfan Bhatti.

They are already burning Norwegian flags in Pakistan.

7 Responses to “Norwegian imam doesn’t get apology, mutters threateningly”

  1. Stonyground says:

    When the Islamic world offers apologies for 911, 77, the brutal oppression of gays, females and anyone who thinks in Middle Eastern Countries and their general desire to drag the modern world backwards into the dark ages. Maybe then they might be justified in asking for an apology for someone doing a drawing.

    Maybe it would be a better idea if the cultures that gave the world lenses (And as a consequence astronomy and micro-biology), Phonetic alphabets, chess, algebra and preserved the works of ancient philosophers, got with the program and embraced the modern world.

    Listen guys, Islamic countries are vile shitholes to live in not because of the evil west but because of Islam. A thousand years ago the Christian world was wallowing in ignorance and the Islamic world held the key to the world’s knowledge. The Crusades were a disgraceful chapter in our history but led to our side stealing your learning and using it to our advantage. You don’t need to steal it back, you can have it for free. Promise not to use it to build atom bombs though.

  2. Mi says:

    Fascinating that they just happen to have a couple of Norweigian flags stashed away in their homes in Pakistan ready to get out and burn…

  3. Shatterface says:

    I have shares in the national flag industry so welcome the profits these protests bring me. To be honest Norway hasn’t been a big seller until now, at least compared with the Stars and Stripes, the Union Flag and the ever popular Star of David.

  4. Toxopholist says:

    Just a pedantic point: Islam didn’t give us chess, although it passed it on to the West. The roots of the game are believed to come from India, in a game called Chaturanga; this was exported to Persia as Shatrang. I think that Richard the Lionheart was taught the game by his captors during the crusades and brought it to the West.

    The modern version of the game was largely developed by the Italians during the renaissance.

    (The Persian influence can be seen in the words “Rook” which I believe means a tower in old Persian, and “Checkmate”, a corruption of Shah-Mat: “the King is dead”.)

    Incidentally, are you sure that lenses were invented in Islam?

  5. Stonyground says:

    Toxopholist, forgive me I was generalising a little. Many of these things were not invented by the Islamic world but were passed on to the west as a consequence of the Crusades. The point that I was trying to make was that there was once a time when Islam embraced reason and was, as a consequence, leading the world as having the most enlightened and advanced civilisations of the time.

    If they wish to recapture those glory days, they are not going to do so by causing explosions, murdering writers and cartoonists and burning flags.

  6. Ken Clark says:

    As an astronomer of 45 years study, I can say that the Muslims did contribute enormously to early observations of the sky when Europe was doing virtually nothing and of course mathematics. However, sadly today in terms of progress they are still mentally living in caves despite making a great start into the understanding of the universe as anyone who literally believes in the Bible/Koran, as Muslims is.