Airport cartoon distributor was deliberately challenging law

A letter from NSS President Terry Sanderson, published the comments section of The Freethinker, reveals that Harry “Toon Leaver” Taylor deliberately set out to be prosecuted by leaving irreligious cartoons in the prayer room at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport.

Sanderson reveals that Taylor approached the NSS with the cartoons with a view to publicising his case. He is, apparently, a “difficult man to deal with.”

While we have every sympathy with him, we cannot say that he has innocently become ensnared by this law. He set out to deliberately challenge it. We would like to support him in some way, but, as I say, this doesn’t seem to be what he wants.

We will do our best to ensure that his case has the highest public profile we can manage, but our main energies have to be aimed at changing the law.

Hats off to Toon Leaver Taylor, a man willing to go to jail for his principles.

(Thanks to Stonyground in the comments)

3 Responses to “Airport cartoon distributor was deliberately challenging law”

  1. IanC says:

    He deserves no sympathy.

  2. Stuart H. says:

    Try beating humourless lunacy with humorous lunacy.
    Take a look at tp://!/group.php?gid=353720796197&ref=nf for a site suggesting John Lennon Airport should be renamed Ayatollah Khomeini Airport if they can’t see a joke that would have made Lennon grin.

  3. Pam M says:

    Good for him.