Knuckle, line, and wind approached by latest Dr Who

Vivienne “Nanny” Pattison, the new leader of smut-busting TV monitors Mediawatch-UK, has been aroused by the latest Dr Who episode in which the timelord’s flame-haired assistant makes a pass at him.

Amy Pond’s overt sexual advances towards the innocent Doctor were made during the pre-watershed primetime screening of the popular show.

The enraged Nanny told The Sun:

The scene was slightly out of place in a children’s programme. I thought it sailed pretty close to the wind.

In other places, she went even further in her condemnation:

I think you would say it went quite near the knuckle.

Possibly some innuendo goes over the head of children and there had obviously been some care taken, but it went very close to the line.

Holy cow! If this what she’s like when the knuckle, line, and wind are approached in a family TV show, how is she going to react when things get close to the bone?

5 Responses to “Knuckle, line, and wind approached by latest Dr Who”

  1. Alfster says:

    She was hardly laying back with her legs open…Ms Pattison presumably thinks that lolling back with a coy smile on ones face is as bad as showing your ankles…cover up those piano legs you’ll have the butler having a heart attack soon.

    Is this her in disguise?

  2. PaulJ says:

    When someone uses euphemisms such as “sailing close to the wind”, “near the knuckle” and “close to the line” you can be pretty sure they have serious repression issues with whatever it it they are being euphemistic about.

    Come on Ms Pattison, tell us what you really mean! If you’d watched the first Dr Who episode of this series you’d have seen this coming — Amy Pond is a kissogram!

  3. Stonyground says:

    Just followed Alfser’s link, hell’s bells there are some utterly sad people out there.

  4. I thought the scene was out of place in Doctor Who, but then I didn’t like the wheelie bin “burping” in Rose, way back in 2005. In the context of a family show, however it was probably less overt than much of what you would get in EastEnders. I just watched the episode with my eight year-old son and the sexual overtones sailed straight over his head, as they should. Having said that, if I let him watch EastEnders, he’d probably have understood ALL the connotations!

  5. Stuart H. says:

    In case it gets flagship BBC ‘religious’ programmes taken off, I sincerely hope Nanny Pattison never finds out about ‘Platitude of the Day’, or even the interview I just had with my local paper, where I admitted my family watch ‘The Big Questions’ every Sunday morning with as much amusement as others watch ‘Britain Lacks Talent’!
    That’s the difference between us and the religiously uptight though, isn’t it? We can watch ‘their’ programmes and laugh. They watch ‘ours’ for a bit of sly sexual arousal under the pretence of guarding ickle kiddies from harm.