Christians rail at proposed new Comedy Central show

Comedy Central, which recently censored a South Park show because of death-threats from Islamists, has enraged Christian groups with a still-hypothetical show based on the adventures of Jesus Christ in modern-day New York.

The hilariously named Citizens Against Religious Bigotry – an amalgam of various nut-job fundamentalists including Bill Donahue of the Catholic League – are demanding that Comedy Central abandon their plans to make “JC” and have written to advertisers asking them to boycott the station.

Their main argument is that there is a “double standard” involved, because other religions are not mocked equally. Essentially, they are expressing their wish that Christianity should enjoy vicarious protection from mockery – a protection only given to Islam because of the violent propensities of a small-but-significant number of its followers. They see the benefit Islam gets from threatening violence, and want the same benefit for themselves without actually threatening violence.

Sorry guys. You’re going to have to be murderous as well as stupid to get away with that one.

They have done a service, however, by making an amusing compilation of some of Comedy Central’s un-Christian irreverence:

One Response to “Christians rail at proposed new Comedy Central show”

  1. Stuart W says:

    ‘Citizens Against Religious Bigotry’.

    Usually, I really don’t like these abbreviations, but I just have to break my rule for a

    I wonder how many people to date have read that title and thought it was for a group that opposes bigotry by the religious. Goodness knows that there is enough of it.