Ji-halfwits indicted for arson attempt

Two brothers accused of setting fire to the house of Mo-doggie artist Lars Vilks have appeared in a Swedish court, charged with arson.

The evidence against them is quite convincing, and reads like a Chris Morris script:

The evidence against the men included two fire-damaged jackets, a knife, two plastic bottles and a lighter, as well as a pair of underwear and a jackknife.

In one of the jackets that police found at the crime scene, they found a key to the home of one of the brothers.

Further incriminating evidence supporting the charges against the brothers includes the fact that one of the brothers admitted himself to hospital on the same night as the with burns to his legs. The man also smelled of gasoline, according to a hospital employee that chief prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson has called as a witness.

Police were able to demonstrate from the analysis from a seized PC that one of the brothers had searched for Vilks’ address on the internet.

They left their keys and a pair of their pants at the crime scene.

Still, Vilks’ house “suffered extensive damage”, so these mujahideen were more successful in their mission than these clowns, who tried to burn down a publisher’s house with diesel.

Fears fears put about by Geert Wilders et al of an imminent Eurabia are almost certainly misplaced. The evidence suggests that the would-be jihadis in our midst are functional morons.

More Mujahidiots: Dude, that doesn't even rhyme properly. (Photo from onelawforall.org.uk)

UPDATE: (15 July) They have been found guilty and jailed.

3 Responses to “Ji-halfwits indicted for arson attempt”

  1. Ed Davies says:

    Googling the weird combination of words “immanent Eurabia” takes you to some odd places. I wonder if there’s a common theme or source or if it’s just an often-repeated spelling error.

    • Monitor says:

      How embarrassing. The above article is now the top result for an “immanent Eurabia” google. Aargh!