Vilks free speech lecture to go ahead next week

Lars Vilks, the Modoggie artist whose free-speech lecture was so rudely interrupted last May, has been invited back to Uppsala university for a second attempt to complete his talk.

Folke Tersman, the head of the university’s philosophy department, says:

That a university lecture is interrupted by violence is a serious thing, regardless of the opinion that provoked the reaction… It is incompatible with the basic values democracy is based on. It is to uphold these values that we are inviting him again.

This is what happened the first time:

One Response to “Vilks free speech lecture to go ahead next week”

  1. Ugh.

    You can hear somebody – it sounds like a woman – squawking “Allah aqbar” over and over somewhere in the back. Oh shut the fuck up, I couldn’t help exclaiming to a non-responsive screen.

    I’m Facebook friends with Lars Vilks. I bet you are too. Solidarity. (When I was in Sweden the feminist activists I met from places like Iraq and Iran were very very keen on solidarity. They want it. They need it. They do not think of it as colonialist or Eurocentric or oppressive – to put it mildly.)