Stephen Green flashbacks Pt 3 – Gerbilgate

Back in the days when the now defunct Conservative Family Campaign was chaired by Stephen Green, its annual AGMs were prone to be disrupted by gay rights action group Outrage!. This was largely due to the extreme anti-homosexual agenda of the CFC, as exemplified by Stephen Green’s book The Sexual Dead End, sadly now out of print, in which he claimed that 20% of homosexual men regularly have sex with live gerbils.


This story, courtesy of our diligent Mediawatchwatch researcher, concerns the 1993 AGM of the CFC, as reported by Queer Pride International LGBTF Global Newszine.

Outrage! activists had disrupted the 1992 meeting, so Green kicked off this one by congratulating himself on how clever he had been this time for having “outwitted the gays”.

Little did he know the gays had other plans…

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  1. Christopher Shell says:

    You’re sure this isnt a late entry for 1st April?? 😮