As Mo toon fever spirals out of control internationally, with Indonesia and Pakistan joining the condemnation, Stephen Fry’s words at the Hay-on-Wye feel ever more relevant:

So you’re offended. So fucking what?

The question seems flippant at first glance. Even rude. But it is a serious and profound question. You’re feelings are hurt. You’ve chosen to take offence at somebody else’s words. So fucking what?

It’s an offensive world we live in. Deal with it like an adult. You have not been physically harmed. Why should your offence be more important than someone else’s freedom to express themselves?

So. Fucking. What?

Before you picket a theatre, write to your local paper, fire your AK-47 in the air, or call for someone’s head on a plate, ask yourself this question. Can you give an honest and coherent answer, explaining why your personal hurt feelings take precedence over someone else’s freedom?

Because you need to have an answer to this question. And it has to be a good one. Otherwise you will just be dismissed as an irrational, immature cry-baby with an inflated sense of the importance of your own sensibilities.




65 Responses to “SFW?”

  1. Bea says:

    Don’t worry Darren, I am not in flames just because you said I was flaming. Just because I wrote a looong comment doesn’t mean I am a religious zealot. I was asked a fair question that needed long explaination. And yes, you are right its not the end of the world, it is misjudgment on the part of the cartoonists. They probably should have stayed with al-qaeda… now that would have been very funny and accurate, for what ever this organisation is, it deserves all the ridicule it gets. Drawing them as pig faces with turbans as bombs wouldn’t have been bad. But then, perhaps that would have offended the pigs.
    Its good to believe in something, if nothing else believe in yourself.

  2. Bea says:

    BTW darren, is your name Earl too?

  3. “BTW darren, is your name Earl too?” oh sure, no flaming – why don’t i jsut get thousands of people that believe karma is more probably to blow up your embasies and kill your civilians just because you depicted a joke.


  4. Points for karma = the below points m,e be quite extreme, but tehy are still effective:

    Bad: 9/11
    = Tsunami
    Bad: 7/7
    = Pakistan Earthquake
    Bad: Suddam Husein
    = Gulf Wars 1/2
    Bad: American WAR on terrorism
    = Hurricane Katrina

    Good: Live 8/Band Aid
    = Political Influence and effects on a massive global scale to world
    Good: Scotland invest 200,000,000(Pounds) in education
    = Good student Results

    All good things are rewarded with good thing, all bad things are tourtured by bad things. Karma is more likely than ‘allah’ or ‘god’ because there is more evidence to back it up and it makes more sense.

    So think about what you say before you say it. Because it might come back and bite you in the ass.

  5. Bea says:

    I think you should be more concerned with your own ass after talking rubish.

  6. Bea says:

    Besides there’s concept of karma in Islam too. I’m not the one who’s blowing up anything. If you can’t talk with reason and distinguish the difference then it’s a futile effort on my part.

  7. oh… you have no idea how much i want to say this:
    you should learn to accept rather than to reject just because what you believe doesn’t mean everyone else should – that is racism at it’s peak!

  8. Bea says:

    you should also learn the difference between rejection and giving up!
    I accept you what you are, whatever you want yourself to be and I am not trying to change you. It doesn’t bother me in the least and its none of my business. However when you make a statement about my belief that I do not believe to be true then I am within my right to say so. You can take it or leave it, that’s your prerogative. However, I can’t help but feel that you are determined for some unfathomable reason(atleast to me) to prove me arrogant and racist and violent. Whereas not once in my comments have I INTENTIONALY said anything to instigate this belief. If you don’t have anything productive to say to me then I don’t see any reason for our debate/argument to continue. And that’s my prerogative. Regards,

  9. a7mad says:

    So Europians has at last united as being not bothered the least by any offence on their religion, great. So why should an athist respect other religions? Isn’t it right. You should be modern so you must hate. I am really sick of Long-Live-and-be -offensive attitude now in this debate. I really smell hatred that have been burried many years ago. I really feel the Ugly face of hatred, I never thought that Enlightment means be racist…

  10. Most people believe racism is walking up to someone and saying ‘ya p*cky bastard’ or ‘m*syy f*ck’ when really the real mean of racism is to burn down comeones embasy jsut because of what one of that race done, to condem an enitre union of several countries because they eat cows… To go in and blow up towers with thousands of people in them jsut because you don’t like the fact they are free.

    I know many muslims closely and I know fine well it’s not them all, so why don’t they realise that its not all of us that is worshiping this cartoon. Why are 3000 sumslims alowwed to walk up and down london condeming the uk as a land of hate, saying all those who bad mouth islam should be slaughered, pretending to be bombers. WHY SHOULD OUR MIGHTY NATIONS BOW DOWN TO A FEW THOUSAND OPPERTUNISTS!

  11. a7mad says:

    I can tell you why, because some of your fellow human are offended. You know what? A rock wan’t stop a wave in the sea of hatred, but it can break it. Your hand stop the light beaming into your eyes but it doesn’t stop light t.
    Friends, It is not about the Cartoons, it is about understanding.

    From the age of the Greeks, Europeans used to portray Jusis, they even drew God. Thus, it is normal to them to draw their gods and prophets, but in the Islamic nation, they believe that God and Prophet are so high, holly enough not to be portrayed. It is all about misunderstanding. Muslims are so angry about their religion, their beliefs, no one can jugge that. Not because some furious angry people commited a wrong act, all European turn their racist buttom on and start showing hatred, cursing religions like pure RACISTS. No wonder Hitler was from Europe…

    People, in every religion there are some FANATICS. In Europe Protestants were burned for infedality, if this what matters with you all. They were burned, their families and there sons. Please people be resonable and not angry try to be rather sympathatic. The Muslims are jealous for their religion. Stop Racism that the world has always suffered from. It is the uncureable desease. The Plague. The Black Death. It does not descriminates….

    “That infernal habit of lying, shuffling, deceiving and equivocating, so deeply rooted in the very souls of all my species, especially Europeans.” Jonathan swift, Gulliver’s Travels…….

  12. Who Cares says:

    “So Fucking What” Exactly!

  13. Tom Rawlinson says:

    >>>>>>>>>> many calls for Muslim countries to engage in a trade boycott with Denmark. I seem to recall that Denmark’s major exports include pork and bacon.

  14. Tom Rawlinson says:

    >>>>>>>>> many calls for Muslim countries to engage in a trade boycott …… Denmark’s major exports include pork and bacon.