Private prosecution for Jesus with a lob on

<b>Pixel dick</b>: The Sunday Mail thoughtfully obscured the Messiah\'s lob-on

Pixel dick: The Sunday Mail thoughtfully obscured the Messiah's lob-on

Terence Koh’s statue of the Saviour-with-a-semi which scandalised Christians earlier this year is back in the news.

A Christian called Emily Mapfuwa from Brentwood, is bringing a private prosecution against the Baltic Gallery in Gateshead, which exhibited the statue. Her logic, predictably, goes like this:

I don’t think this gallery would insult Muslims in this way, so why Christians?

Legal documents reveal that the charges are that the gallery offended public decency and breached Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986. The first hearing is due in September.

The Mail on Sunday story carries a large picture of the statue, with the “penis” slightly pixelated to protect sensitive readers.

Stephen Green of failed fundamentalist lobby group fame wll be green with envy. He dropped his hilarious “countdown of defiance” earlier this year (it measured, to the second, how much time had passed since he issued a command to the gallery owner to destroy the statue). Presumably because nobody was paying it any attention. Much the same response that greeted his demands that the South Wales Echo ” should immediately take down” the Dan O’Neil column which suggested Christ was gay (it’s still there). They caved.

Mapfuwa has brought an interesting test case, but it must surely be dismissed.

7 Responses to “Private prosecution for Jesus with a lob on”

  1. Stuart W says:

    Currently the most tactical battle cry of cheesed-off fundies;
    “You wouldn’t insult Muslims/Islam/Allah!”

    So? Don’t people like you more than make up for that, and would you all happily forfeit that right in return for this statue being removed?

  2. S Robertson says:

    Does she have 90 grand to pays costs when she loses or is she going to hope the lord will provide and whine when he doesn’t?

  3. BSE says:

    Congratulations to Terence on a job very well done!

  4. TigerDunc says:

    If we find a statue of Mohammed with a hard on, will she drop the case then?

  5. Fatpie42 says:

    Islamophobia from Christian fundamentalists is once again used as an excuse for their own censorship programmes. What, in another context, they would be holding to be a clear sign that our countries ‘Christian values’ allow for a greater amount of freedom and democracy, is in this case used to suggest that society is ‘persecuting’ them in favour of a Muslim minority (which just so happens to consist mostly of immigrants) – so the best thing to do is to shift the prejudice back to side God intended for this country *groan*.

    Presumably people here have heard of the Christian Council of Britain, set up to counter the Muslim Council of Britain. You know the BNP were backing the it right?

  6. jr says:

    Hindu and tantric Buddhist deities are often depicted with a boner. Couldn’t enough of these be produced by the defence to satisfy Emily Mapfuwa’s multicultural dick-craving?

  7. Ksl says:

    “Currently the most tactical battle cry of cheesed-off fundies;
    “You wouldn’t insult Muslims/Islam/Allah!””

    Actually, I’m doing that on a regular basis. Not intentionally, of course, but it’s them who get offended, and that is outside my control. Of course, they are free to do so, and I’m not going to ban the right to feel offended. :]