“Faith Fighter” game unites religions in outrage

<b>Round one:</b> Mohammed and God duke it out in Molleindustria's Faith Fighter

Round one: Mohammed and God duke it out in Molleindustria's Faith Fighter

Representatives of several major religions have called for a game by radical developers Molleindustria to be removed from the internet because it is “deeply provocative” and “disrespectful”.

Faith Fighter is a punch-up game for one or two players which involves bouts between Jesus, Mohammed, Ganesh, Buddha, Budai, and God Himself. According to its developers,

Faith Fighter is the ultimate fighting game for these dark times. Choose your belief and kick the shit out of your enemies. Give vent to your intolerance! Religious hate has never been so much fun.

Douglas Miller, pastor of the Link Church in Birmingham:

This game is going out of its way to upset people and I think it should be taken off the internet.

Playing violent video games will ultimately affect your behaviour and this game is deeply offensive and provocative.

A spokesman for the Leicester-based Federation of Muslim Organisations:

In the current climate, this game can only create fear about religion. Having images depicting Muhammad in this way is also very offensive to our faith.

And Brian Appleyard called it “an offensive, futile project”.

Has it occurred to any of them not to play it?

Molleindustria is the brainchild of Italian artist and game designer Paolo Pedercini. Other games in the stable include Oligarchy, Queer Power, and the previously-banned Operation: Pedopriest.

Hope you’re not busy today.

UPDATE: (April 28) The game has been removed from the Molleindustria site in response to a statement from the OIC. But you can still play it here.

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  1. mo says:

    Shit be upon you barriejohn .. ill come visit u in hell someday and laugh at u while ur burning like the disgusting pigs u eat.. go read about religions before u leave ur stupid comments..

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  3. TJ says:

    Awsome game!! Dont be offended, im offended everyday looking at Jesus on the cross

  4. Areign says:

    lame, no FSM?

  5. anon says:

    Cool game, I totally kicked the mystery bosses ass as Jesus!

  6. I’m offended of this game, not because of the religious imagery but how really bad it is overall.

    The game is highly exaggerated and meant to fan anger and controversy, it’s really not fun and it’s not entertaining in the lightest. By making a big deal about the negative or partially offensive portrayal of religious icons – they only increase the popularity and spotlight on what would otherwise be ignored.

  7. Bloke says:

    Religion = My Imaginary Friend Is Better Than Your Imaginary Friend!

  8. barriejohn says:

    You wouldn`t think it was funny if you were a young girl in Afghanistan who wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer when she grew up “thenewprophet” – but I get your point.

  9. barriejohn says:

    I`ll certainly meet YOU in Hell Mo – hahaha!!!!!

  10. barriejohn says:

    Aharon – I`m in complete agreement with you again. Yasin says that each female is treated “like a queen” in Saudi Arabia I see – not “an equal” of course!!! And as for “forgetting” about Saudi Arabia, he/she seems completely ignorant of the fact that it is the Saudis who are exporting extreme Islam all over the world!!!!!

  11. aharon says:

    @Bloke – No! My imaginary friend is better than yours! LOL Lets fight about it.. 😉

  12. Gavin says:

    i rimmed mohammed

  13. met says:

    The true fact you can observe that all people will end their life someday. Are you people sure what is gonna be happen that day?..

  14. AllanGreen says:

    Oh come on – religions unite!?

    ISLAM and the OIC is more like it. Stop trying to put everyone in the same bag!

  15. ro-man says:

    Unfortunately, Yasin, you’re the one with the misconceptions. I spent the last 7 years in Bahrain (only recently moving to the UK to complete my education), so I think I can speak first-hand about the problems there.

    “I don’t know where you guys get the idea that Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) was a rapist, a murderer, or even a pedophile.”

    I can’t account for the idea of him being a rapist, but the murderer and paedophile parts… A) The Prophet was a forgiving man – generally. I’ve read into his life, and though he usually forgave his enemies, one thing I cannot put out of my mind is the sanctioned slaughter of the Jews of Medina, women and children included. I can’t remember the exact facts and I don’t have my resources (the same unbiased biographies you cited, btw) with me at the moment to pull it out, but there’s no two ways looking at it: he murdered the jews.

    As for the paedophilia part, that’s down to his marriage to Aisha. Aisha was the daughter of his great friend Abu Bakr and was wed to him as something of a gift, a show of love. They married when Aisha was seven, yes, but I think it’s only fair to point out that the marriage was not consummated until she entered puberty (making her a legal woman in that day). Arab children tended to enter puberty quickly, girls at the age of nine. I guess in a way that makes him an ephebophile by today’s standards, but judging by the standards of back then, he was not in the wrong.

    “Each female is treated as a queen in Saudi Arabia, and I have no clue where you heard anything about degredation of children.”

    This is disgustingly wrong. Have you not heard of the story of the Saudi police who refused to save the students/teachers of an all-girls from an out-of-control fire because they were not wearing their head-scarfs? Dowries are still custom in the Middle East. It’s only recently that women have gained the right to choose their own husband. When my parents married in the 1980s it was only just outside the realm of arranged, and even then they only got to know each other a day before the wedding, and within a week knew they were absolutely incompatible, not a single common traigt. But they had to wait 20 years before they could get divorced. Comparatively, two of my older female cousins got married recently and had the choice of who to marry.

    “Islam is the most followed religion in the world, and it is the religion that holds the most new converts yearly…….trust me, if we all wanted you dead, you’d be dead -_-”

    Islam is the second largest religion. Christianity is still at the top. And the passive-aggressive threat doesn’t help your cause.

    Finally, the war over Jerusalem is heavily based on religion. If you don’t understand that, God help you.

  16. Maxemoss says:

    Just say NO not knowing what your talking about and not understanding something is a good enough reason for assholes like barriejohn and your self to shut the fuck up and mind your own shit
    And by the way no one is waiting for your approval and acceptance I think all what we want is getting putt fucks like ur self minding there own shit , and not trying to impose there ignorance globally

    And Mark pork is what you can find only in your and people of your kind daily meals and homes I don’t think u can have it upon anyone that know not to eat shit or to live like a pig

    Barriejohn barbarian and Hitler missed out on Natzi like you, and what women and girls complain to some one like and where in hell did you get this idea about Islam your watching to many movies man chick back in reality, but again who would expect someone like you with so much hate inside of him to understand

    Gavin you’re a given shit why would anyone waist a minute answering someone like u

    I thought freedom of speech is not being able to move your tong and produce sounds its more like being heard and having your poring of view and believes at the minimum be respected

  17. Maxemoss says:

    ro-man I think the problem is not with Islam as u make it seems like or with this police man in Saudi Arabia who allegedly have done or acted like that , it’s that miss Interpretation of Islam that we are facing today from both sides the west and the extremist at a time that we do not really and fully understand our faith. The thing that made us open to any explanation we are offered from any side that serve nothing but there cause at that given time

  18. John says:

    Hah, I am a devout Christian, always have been and always will be, and i can tell you its just a damned game.

    Free expression people. If i have the right to preach what i believe in, they have a right to mock it, its only fair.

    • monitor says:

      I am a devout Christian, always have been and always will be

      Don’t put yourself down, John. There is always hope.

      • barriejohn says:

        @monitor, “I am a devout Christian, always have been and always will be”: I believed that 100% myself at one time; so, yes, there is hope for ANYONE!

    • barriejohn says:

      @John, See my reply to Monitor – there is hope for you yet!!

  19. Earl Warren says:

    hi all i am surprised to see this game. here people take it easy as a game. there are no need to hype the religious issue. in my opinion the game is technically good and when i am playing i enjoy lot

  20. Benang says:

    @Roman: I can only give light on the Jews killing in Medina. FYI, there’s no women or children being slaughtered there. Only the “able men” of the Jews are the one killed. And that’s because of their own wrongdoings. Before the killing takes place, all the citizen of Medina has taken a pact to defend the holy city if there were any attack. And guess what, the Jews didn’t when it actually happened. So The Prophet asked the elders of the city, what would you have done if anyone has broken the pact? And they said, death penalty. I can’t begin to imagine what has The Prophet done wrong here?

    Also why did I say no women and children are massacred? Because it had been done by the same person who said that we can’t kill women, children, the elderly, and cutting trees (that means no damaging the nature for you who doesn’t have the capacity to understand) even in war. And that’s a recorded saying in the hadith. So, obviously the one said this couldn’t possibly started murdering women and children. And if you said your source is unbiased, I dare to say it isn’t.

    And for all those condemning Islam, get your facts right before opening your bullcrap. Yeah, that’s also goes for Ali Sina of the faithfreedom. Sorry, but your words didn’t give the slightest effect on me except to believe more of my religion.

    I can say that the true Islam is not what those media said and it is a religion of peace. Well, except if you bothered us, then we have the right to defend ourselves. And there’s no forcing the religion in Islam. Sure we said that non believers won’t make it to Heaven. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it. We just lay out what we believe in, what Islam actually is. If it didn’t suit you that’s fine, we won’t force you to. There’s even a Surah about diversities of religion and how we go about it in the Qur’an.

    Lastly, about free speech in Islam. We were taught to watch our tongue. Not in the manner of not saying what you want to say, but more of you gotta be responsible of what you’re saying. Make sure not to hurt other people’s feelings. Make sure that no one is offended. Make sure not to say lies or fitna.

  21. Angela K says:

    John, I rarely agree with religious believers but must say your comment is possibly the most sensible comment so far.

  22. barriejohn says:

    Yes Maxemoss, you`re absolutely correct. There is a huge misconception about Islam today. People (Western Muslims especially) think that it is a tolerant, liberal, compassionate religion, whereas it was actually founded by a megalomaniac fascist,who imposed it upon other people by war, destruction, rape, pillage, and murder! As I said before – the fundamentalists have got it right – the rest are not true Muslims at all!!

  23. Monitor says:

    ro-man, thanks for putting Yasin straight about the Saudi regime.

    Mohammed’s murdering of the Jews at Medina is just one example of his questionable character. The one which really does it for me is the cruel torturing to death of a number of people by chopping off their hands and feet, burning out their eyes with a hot iron, and leaving them in the desert to die of thirst.

    The source of this story? One considered by Muslim scholars as being the most authoritative hadith – the Sahih Bukhari. If you reject the truth of this story, you have to reject a hell of a lot more besides.

    For me, it doesn’t matter what great deeds you have done, or what a kind and forgiving character you may have been on any other occasion. If you did that – no matter what the nature of the crimes of your victims – you are a despicable sadist, and should be locked away for the rest of your life.

    You certainly do not deserve the adulation of millions.

  24. Quagmar the Non-Quagmarian says:

    How the bloody hell can “images depicting Muhammad” (Shit Be Upon Him) be “very offensive” when no one has the faintest idea what he really looked like?

  25. Quagmar the Non-Quagmarian says:

    Silly me. Forgot the link:

  26. Maxemoss says:

    Barriejohn you got it all wrong man the misconception comes from the other side more we know for a fact that Islam is tolerant religion. And saying that it was founded by a man is another misconception it’s the word of god this is our faith we know it better, Prophet Mohammed was only the messenger so don’t shoot the messenger
    As for all the accusation u have against prophet Mohammed you will not find a fact to back it up but the bed time stories your empty head was filed up with and remember you will not see a single Muslim calling Jesus any names or accusing him of any wrong doing, its not our place to judge them

    But be sure ull find plenty off people to defined them

    I really see where you come from but u need to understand what u heard and was taught is something and facts is something else

    Islam was never imposed upon other people by war the war was imposed at Muslim as a way to survive and at a time Rollers of empires presented them self’s as gods the only way to carry the massage was by bring these rollers down for the massage to be heard not imposed that why until today you’ll find in the middle east Jews and Christian

    Finally how many times did you find someone knocking your door and asking if hecan present to you Islam Like you guys do in Jahava witnesses and Christianity

    Its not a war man we simply have deferent believes and deferent manners and deferent ways of living you don’t have to approve it
    Just respect that some people do and try and not intimidate them by this crap

  27. shean says:

    i think it iz bad man shit hot

  28. Adam says:

    Spoken like a brother. Good job Maxemoss. Lots of people get these weird thinkings about Islam, ( which by the way is the word Peace in arabic) .

    Theres a fine line between respect and freedom of speech. We’re humans, not instinct-bound animals. We should respect other’s beliefs and thinkings, not bash it around just because we dont agree with it. If you dont think it’s right, then Critic it and question it in a logical with an open mind by all means, but in a civilized fashion, so as not to hurt the feelings of other individuals. ,

    And by the way, currently there is NO country( let me repeat that: NO COUNTRY!) on this planet that practices a pure form of Islam in it’s laws. There all either twisted to give the males an advantage or for their own political gain. No wonder people want to wipe them off the planet! Heck i would too, but we have to realize the true believers arnt the greedy politicians or that raping father, but the average muslim who lives in a developed society, and fair society ( CANADA!, im canadian :P)

    Islam is common sense. Take this monitor for example. Who made it? Man you say. From this one can say that if man made this object, then can one not say that somebody made this planet we’re standing on too? It is impossible for all this life, so intricately balanced and constructed to exist by chance. The big bang yes happened no doubt, but with the strategic help of an creator. The problem arises here.

    Take a cave man for example. If you were to put him on a road in today’s society and ran a car at him, he will create a dozen different explanations that the car cannot exist. Why? Because it is beyond his comprehension. Like wise today’s atheists think the same way. If we cannot create this planet then that means no one can. [ im not bashing you guys, it’s a constructive argument, dont take it personally. 😉 ]

    But do you seriously think these people with little or no education, who live in houses made of crap have this logical way of thinking? Of course not, and that is why the Taliban’s screwed up religion is embraced so willingly( at least by the males). Education and an logical way of thinking will seriously help this planet, and stop people like the taliban, ( and the media) from disrespecting our fellow human beings.

    • Monitor says:

      Lots of people get these weird thinkings about Islam, ( which by the way is the word Peace in arabic

      This is a pretty weird thinking in itself. “Islam” means “submission” in Arabic.

  29. Umar Saeed says:

    @Barrie John,

    You are not very wise, they way you are speaking is that you are welcoming the hell fire over your impure body. When it comes to truth, the quran has far surpassed the bible and the torah which have been twisted. There are dozens of facts in the quran which proves that prophet muhammed is the last messenger of Allah. There are dozens of scientific facts within the quran, which took modern science technology and brains to fugure out, 1300 years after. The quran doesn’t contradict like the bible, nor is there any scientific mistakes like the bible. If you look in the bible, there is many mistakes over in the bible, if you read with understanding, you will see the truth, there were mistakes such the earth being flat and circle in the bible, you tell me how wrong has the bible gone, in the quran it says the earth is spherical or almost sphere.

    In the quran it has already stated the big bang theory, when it took nearly 1400 years to figure out, and it isn’t even mentioned in the bible.

  30. barriejohn says:

    Regarding the representations of Mohammed, I very much doubt that these depict what he really looked like, as they weren`t contemporary, but who cares anyway? However, as it was perfectly OK to make representations of him, and of other living creatures, in the Middle Ages, why is it proscribed now? This brings me to my next point. How can there possibly be any “pure form of Islam” when no one can be 100% certain what Mohammed actually taught, or which of the hadiths and traditions are reliable? A lot of what has been handed down is contradictory anyway! And as for logic and common sense, yes, there probably WAS a big bang at the commencement of our universe, but Mohammed certainly wouldn`t allow you to say that!! Like “Jesus” (a character as real as Robin Hood in all probability), HE believed that the world was created by the word of God just a few thousand years ago, in the very form in which it exists now. If you are following HIS teachings then you have to believe that Adam and Eve, the first humans, were created by God around 4,000 years ago, and placed in the Garden of Eden, where they walked and talked with God, were tempted by a Serpent, ate the Forbidden Fruit, and thus brought sin and death into the World. Do you Muslims believe all this? If not, Mohammed would disown you!!!

  31. Umar Saeed says:

    Also if you check the bible completely ignores the rules of photosynthesis, thus going against science, well accoriding to the bible it mentions the fruit and veg growing first, then the sun being made, how wrong cna the bible get, even a person going to school will recognise how wrong the bible is. The bible also at one point makes so much nonsense, it reveals the son being 4 year older than the father, outrageous. The bible also reveals to spill blood around when it can form a disease, there are dozens of scientific errors and hundreds and thousands of contradiction. Prophet Muhammed is last messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him), if you truly still support the bible, than you are either very thick, stupid and arrogant. You call such things to the prophet (peace be upon him) that are not even true, you have no evidance to back it up, you those names for no reason, to be honest your really stupid, if you have said that at my face, i would have injured you, and make you incapable of walking ever again. You can survive all you can onj this earth, but in the here after, there would be no one saving you, and you should know how it would feel in hell forever, unless you change, Allah can Forgive as he is the most merciful. I double dare you prove that the bible is more correct than the quran, if you think we have changed it during modern society to meet the science, then you are still wrong, as there is already a 1400 years old quran. I have proven the quran is much more correct than the bible, the quran is error free and 80% of which the facts have been proven, the other percentage is still to be found, as you never know, maybe in a couple of hundred years time it will be found. The quran also mentions embroyology, which some arab students had the quran verse based on embroyology have examined by one of the top doctors in the world at that time, he was so stunned by the verses, he declared some of it being true, the rest other verses he said he simply didn’t know, it wasn’t discovered, at that time, one of the thing he didn’t know about is the substance in embroyology, in which the Quran discribes it leech like substance which is in embroyolgy, the doctor didn’t know about it, it wasn’t discovered at that time, therefore he did the experiment and found there is a leech like substance. You can find most other information and this on the talks between Dr Zakir naik and Dr William Campbell, you can find it on you tube. You shall find the truth about your religon and the muslims religon Islam, by listening to those talks, and dont get angry, you deserved it, im sorry to people who follow christianity i didn;t mean to be too harsh, but i said the truth, esspecially to Barrie John, but who ever follow the faith you should try to find the truth, and i will say islam is the truth.

    There is no God but Allah and Muhammed(Saw) is the Messenger of Allah.

    Remeber the day you come out of your graves and approach the day of ressurection, you wont be able to go back to having another chance, there will only be Heaven and Hell. When you worship Prophet Jesus (saw), that is the biggest sin you can ever do, search for the truth for your own well being, dont take this life for granted, as this life is only temporary and the hereafter is forever. Search for the turth.

    One more thing i will like to say is you when they say we do oppression on women, that they have to wear a scarf on their head, isn’t true, there are some people who are called muslim, but aren’t good muslims, we dont oppress, the desicion to wear the scarf is made by the women her self, we only tell them facts, but never force, some people may force but thats them, not all muslim are good. And to make sure you agree with me, the bible also declares that those who dont wear a scarf will have their hair shaved. Dont beleive everything what media says, they are just those who will say any thing to sell papers, and make money, or even help out some friends who are the editors or writers.

    There are dozens of things i could say, but i dont want to say too much.
    Search for the truth.

    • Monitor says:

      This comment has just come to my attention. Umar Saeed, you are free to spout whatever nonsense you want on this site, but when it comes to threats of violence you have crossed the line.

      Behave yourself. If you do it again, you will be banned – and you might have an Ilford copper knocking at your door as well.

  32. Umar Saeed says:

    @Barrie John
    We beleive in Jesus (saw), we beleived he was the messenger of Allah, but we dont beleive in the bible completely as there are dozens of contradiction and dozens of scientific errors, the quran doesn’t have contradiction, there may be some contradiction found in the transalation, but in the arabic version it is 100% correct, by the way it does prove that this quran is revealed by Prophet Muahmmed(saw), because all scientific facts that are found in the quran are true which took more than 1300 years to discover, and there is the quran still available 1400 years old, they can examine it if they want, its proven it 1400 years old, by the way no scientific facts could be revealed in the quran unless prophet Muhammed(saw) is the Messenger of Allah, no person would have been able to tell those facts, only with the help of technolgy were they able to prove it. when it comes robin hood, that is meant to be myth, much like what you have beleived in, but there is some truth in the adam and eve story. but not all. Have read the bible, or have read it blind folded, because you don’t see have wrong the bible is, even a kid will see some errors in the bible, and one more thing the way you said it is robin hood story, that is true, because there is alot of fiction within your story, but in the quran it isn’t a robin hood story, it rather the truth.

  33. Andrew Nixon says:

    I guess I won’t be the only person who finds it funny that Umar Saeed thinks that Barrie John is a Christian!


    The quran doesn’t contradict like the bible

    Please see this

    nor is there any scientific mistakes like the bible

    and this.

    And indeed the entire site.

  34. barriejohn says:

    Umar Saeed is indeed a very confused person, but no doubt when he comes round to break my legs he will do so in the most compassionate and caring manner, so that`s nice to know!

  35. Grant, A Disappointed Pastafarian says:

    I have to say, I just played the game, and I thought it was awesome that Xenu was the boss at the end.

    However, I was disappointed to find an obvious lack of any pirates or noodly appendages. I mean, if there’s disrespect anywhere to be found with this game, it’s the fact that the developers are disrespecting Pastafarians all over the world by not including us in this neat fight.

    I guess this is how Libertarians feel every time their candidates fail to get mentioned in the media.

    • Grant, A Formerly Disappointed Pastafarian says:

      @Grant, A Disappointed Pastafarian,

      erratum: there ARE some noodly appendages in the game, floating through in one of the backgrounds. Didn’t catch that the first time. I was very excited to see it. All hail his noodlyness!


  36. Adam says:

    Umar Saeed, Barrie John is an atheist not a christian. >__> lol

    Barrie John please read my post and critic it. I think it thoroughly explains the misconceptions you ( and almost the entire world ) have about my religion. I think i have covered most of them but if you have any other problems then tell me so i can clear it up.

    About the sites mentioned. You have to realize that those sites are completely biased. A neutral site on this matter may prove your argument, however you have given a site that clearly follows only one way. Alot of the content on those sites are completely wrong. Most of the stuff there has been taken completely out of context and or deliberately mis-interpreted from arabic to english. If you sincerely believe that the quran is fake and a figment of a man’s imagination, then it will be wise to learn the language it was written in and read it. Try to find problems. ( there aren’t any :P, neither in grammar or in it’s scientific facts. If you do find one then I will leave Islam. ). Then it will be fair and a rightfull objection on your part.

  37. Adam says:

    an example of how the site, quoted in Andrew Nixon’s post: http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/contra/iblis.html is biased.

    Here the site tries to prove that the Quran is contradicting itself by saying that Iblis( the Devil) is both an angel and an jinn( a race, the Quran says, exist with humans, most likely made up of electrical and magnetic currents which somehow involve plasma. They have they too are not bound by instincts and think as humans do. )

    Notice the first quotes from each column? I will explain the quote on the left side and how it works with the other side. In Arabic grammar, one has to state the majority rather then in English in which one has to describe all entities. If you are confused don’t worry, I was too when i first learned of this. XD.

    But its like this. If there are 14 girls and 10 boys in a classroom, in Arabic you would write: ” So the teacher addressed the girls.” This however does not mean that there are no boys. In proper Arabic grammar one has to say only the majority rather then each individual group or sect.

    In this ayat( sentence) God ( or the creator or the maker w/e you wanna call him. Doesn’t matter , bottom line is in Soviet Russia God creates YOU!!!!!!!) is addressing a whole bunch of entities. Not only angels but Jinn’s too. The jinns though, being the minority in comparison to the angels, are not mentioned in accordance to proper grammar.

    It is a valid argument the site has stated but I just wanted to show you guys how the owners are just plain bashing it without any knowledge or know how of the subject.

  38. barriejohn says:

    If I`m supposed to learn Arabic and then read the Koran in its original form (as if anyone can guarantee that that is what I am now looking at!), before I can criticise Islam, then you we are all in for a long wait!! However, as a former fundamentalist Christian, I do know quite a lot about the Bible, which, as our friend Umar Saeed has so eloquently pointed out, is riddled with errors and inaccuracies. According to Mohammed, though, Jesus was another “messenger of Allah”, as were the Old Testament prophets. But Jesus believed and taught that the Old Testament was the inspired and infallible word of the Living God! He mentioned Adam, Abraham, Noah, Daniel, Jonah, and others by name, and the incidents recorded concerning them as facts. How could the Old Testament have been infallible to Jesus (a prophet sent by Allah), but then be considered full of errors by the followers of Mohammed – another of Allah`s messengers? If Jesus was a prophet, you have to accept the OT, in its entirety, as the Word of God, just as Jesus and the other Jewish prophets did – WITH all its errors. How on earth do you get out of that one?

  39. Adam says:

    The problem arised when man himself tampered with the original Bible. I believe in the bible sent down to Jesus but not in the one today. I agree when you say there are some errors in today’s version. But the point I want to make is that the Quran is different.
    Im not trying to make you a muslim, I just want to prove that there is something that has created this universe.

    And if you dont trust today’s Qurans, ( dont worry i dont too, theres a whole buncha “Qurans” being manufactured with altered text >:O ) there are still original copies from 1400 years ago. And there are Qurans that are still manufactured that aren’t changed. You could check em out. You see Islam is just a name, it doesnt mean anything. In reality, its a set of instructions on how Jinn and Humans should live. Call it commandments, Peace, Orders, Islam, Mozilla Firefox, doesn’t matter, the reality and simple fact is that it explains the ideal way to live in a society .

  40. mike says:

    wow, people that hate religion.
    I never expected to find people that do.
    I LOVE bashing religion because it’s the stupidest thing EVER!
    I hate how those haji mofos are bitching about everything they don’t think is right.
    And don’t get me started on all those fairy tale books that everyone think is some holy text from god or whatever.
    I wish we could send all religious people to mars or something like that.
    The world would be a much better place!

  41. barriejohn says:

    Unless you`re gay.

  42. Maxemoss says:

    there is something that most of us have in common even the dearest enemy in the world , for example in the US they say IN God We Trust ” its on the Dollar bill ” we say IN God We Believe and this is submission wither we like it or not it simply means that there is something we just have to trust and take for granted even if we don’t see it . I don’t know why we look beyond that and look for things that could increase hate a among us why cant you guys let us be and just assume that u might not know how we are and what Islam is all about

    trust me when I say some time we Muslim don’t really know what Islam is all about from the shit we see from some Muslim but believing in God or submission as you call it makes Us see the good in Islam and know they cant be right even if they thought they are Muslim

  43. Adam says:

    yea unless ur gay. 😛 I don’t believe gay people are any different from me. ( im not gay btw) These themes of gayness and lesbianism are not natural affections. It’s the result of a mind that is fooled into thinking: ” hey that man looks good. Let’s take it a step further. I see people saying it’s OK to love men. Ok then i will love that man. ( of course you dont think that exactly, its more subconscious. )

    The point is being gay is not something someone is born with. It’s not a natural affection. I mean if being gay worked for humans then sure I’d go for it (well not become gay, just be OK with it :P), but it doesn’t work with the human species.

    That’s all there is to it. It’s a fact of nature. With the gay’s and lesbians increasing more then ever in history, how long till almost everyone loves there own sex. How long till we stop supporting our species. Some may say: hey we’ve got alot of humans on this planet, so what if we stop reproducing?

    It may seem far off, but with the social trend like this, it’s only a matter of time( maybe not in my lifetime (im 16) or yours), but it will happen in our grand kids life.

    Gay is ok. But with our species it does not work. Plain and simple. There are animals that are gay, but then again they are a select few. We are part of the majority of animals. We live through marriage and attraction to the opposite sex. That’s the way of humans.

    I know your concerned about being gay in the so called “Islamic” countries. Yes Islam does demand a death from being gay, but there is a another side to it, though it is so far NEVER used. It’s a little thing called mercy or forgiveness. Sounds lame but if your implementing Islam then these two qualities go hand in hand. Many judges are too strict on gays and lesbians.

    Among the radical and socialist gay moment, there are real affectionate human beings. People who have a hard time understanding who their supposed to love. People who find it hard to resist a male or a female ( if their female). These are the people who would not have faced the stoning in a true Islamic country but rather be helped and tought how to deal with their emotions.

    The stoning is for people who are radical about their same sex love. Who bash and ridicule others religion’s. People who have no sympathy or love for others who aren’t like them. The extremes as we call them. Those are the ones fit for the stones, not the average troubled gay youth.

    Again a problem of unjust distribution of justice in the hands of a corrupt government, but then again, aren’t all governments corrupt 😛

    • barriejohn says:

      @Adam, I have never read so much utter nonsense in all my life (and I am now almost 63 years of age), but as you confess to being only 16 years old, I will refrain from further comment!!!

  44. ZombieJesus says:

    Adam, you are a colossal fucking idiot. There’s so much wrong with that post I don’t know where to begin.

  45. Umar Saeed says:

    @Barrie John
    You seem to have a very miserable life, after i have given you the facts that quran is the word of Allah, due to the facts of science provided in the quran, which no human at that time would be able to predict, such things such as the big bang theory, and the earth being sepherical and much more. This proves that the quran is the word of god, and is told by Prophet Muhammed (Saw). If you still havn’t accepted it, then it might be your arrogance, or might think someone has done magic on because it cant be true. Trully you have been dreaming living the life the way you want to, I guess having no faith means a paradise and freedom to you. Some what may be you have 10 or 20 years to live, Allah Knows Best, doesn’t seem like a long time, feel sorry for you.

    Your also who likes freedom, Hmm, Well if you hate the law so much which should have been for every human being, that commiting a murder would have been no problem, The Quran has a collection of laws, we make our statement according to what the Quran and Hadiths, a collection of Saying by prohet Muhammed (Saw), since they are full of facts, most noticebly the science facts within the Quran which took nearly 1300 years to prove with the help high technology and modern science.You are just calling your self stupid when you are going against religous people. You must be lacking in Brain cells. I think you prefer a world without law, the way you are, everybody doing what ever they want is what you would prefer, after all muslims bring on justified law from the Quran and Hadiths, not Law such as england have, what is England law for a person who murders some one? To give him 10 to 12 years in prison, complete bull shit just like your thoughts.

    Your really a big waste, you have such name as ZombieJesus, such an insult to Prophet Jesus (saw), well Adam Have justified that Barrie John is a Stupid idiot, And what adam said is how corrupt is the goverment that they support such freedom such as Homosexuality and lesbianism. It is true so much of the goverment is corrupt but like evil there is also good people, unlike you i suppose, I know you support the law of uk, just because their law is soft, doesn’t justify the law is right for us. The law is very biased. what is the law now days kill 4 people, have 30 to 40 years in prison, and what they give you in prison, they give you tv, they give you time to socialise, they give activities to do, they allow you to make money. this is the punishement those get for murdering 4 people, The Quran is justified, its Laws are fair, when someone murder someone, the murderer is executed, this is more right, this is done in fornt of people, so they are warned to not murder someone, and this is how less murders happen, with all of the law form the Quran and Hadiths, we can make this world more nicer and appropriate, the countries who are not following the law properly, are being corrupted, either spiritually or socially.

    • barriejohn says:

      @Umar Saeed, And how old are YOU I wonder, Umar Saeed, as you seem unbelievably ignorant of quite basic historical facts. Even the Ancient Greeks understood that the Earth was an orb floating in space!!!

  46. Monitor says:

    I notice nobody has yet tried to defend Mohammed against my earlier comment.

    According to the holy hadith al Bukhari – which Muslim scholars claim is the most authoritative source of the life of Mohammed – this great prophet punished members of a tribe by cutting off their hands and feet, searing out their eyeballs with a hot iron, and leaving them to die of thirst in the desert.

    This is a despicable act of cruelty, no matter what the supposed crimes of those involved. Whatever great deeds or wonderful character traits claimed for Mohammed – they are overshadowed by this act.

    If the words of the Hadith are true – and as a Muslim you will find it difficult to deny it – you have no excuse for idolising such a vile human being.

    I suggest you stop it.

  47. Adam says:

    Please explain everything in detail with my previous post so i can see where and how i went wrong.

    @ Monitor, funny how you failed to mention that the people who these things were done to were thieves, and murderers. The problem arises when in today’s society these things aren’t considered that serious anymore. The morals of people in general have fallen and now things like this punishment seem cruel if it is even done to people like murders and thieves. But i am sure you too would agree with the prophet if that Shepard who the murder killed was one of your loved one, perhaps your father or mother, or even a sibling. How would you feel then? That Shepard was someone’s child, a father to some maybe and even a beloved sibling. Now it is very easy for you to think that’s cruel but that’s only because you haven’t witnessed murder. Once you do it’s very hard to forgive, and you start to wonder how people like them are allowed to live and eat and drink while the victim lies beneath the ground and the family mourns the death of a beloved one. Murder is a horrendous deed and should be punished accordingly.

    • Monitor says:

      @Adam, “Accordingly” is the key word. No crime justifies such inhumane punishment. But thank you. Your making excuses for the appalling behaviour of your “prophet” are helping to make clear why you are a Muslim and I can never be. It’s because I am a better person than you.

      And before I am accused of arrogance – that really isn’t saying much.

      • Adam says:

        @Monitor, there is a problem. I cant see the rest of the page downwards from here. I tried accessing this site from my laptop but it had the same issue. Do you know whats going on? :S

  48. Adam says:

    @ Barrie John, you have only pointed out one scientific fact. Did the ANYBODY back then know the creation of a human fetus? A step by step explanation of the very creation of mankind? Not even the prohpet Muhammad(SAW) knew it. The verse was given to him from God but he just acted like a medium. Getting the laws and telling others about it. That’s all he was here for. So tell me then Barrie John, why the creation of the fetus is given in detail in the quran when no human knew about it.!? It seems really hard for me to understand where your thinking is coming from but then again, since you have admitted to being an old senior i don’t expect much. Most seniors have a closed mind and think that only they are right and everyone else is wrong. They refuse to accept any other way of thinking. Though i find it peculiar that a senior is an avid computer user. Looks like you have never learned respect or love in your 63 years as a human. this site gives a detail explantion and crtici by a scientist on Quran and Embryology: http://www.islam101.com/science/embryo.html

    • barriejohn says:

      @Adam, You really do have a LOT to learn Adam. According to you I am an “old senior” at 62 years of age(!), and you seem amazed that I should be able to even use a computer. What planet are you living on? What we “geriatrics” do have though is experience . Don`t forget that I was brought up by Christian fundamentalists, so I`ve heard all these arguments before. The Old Testament ,too, is supposed by them to be full of amazing scientific understanding, but on closer examination we are just looking at poetic imagery which is being interpreted in the light of modern knowledge. I could of course be REALLY sarky and ask why, if he understood so much about science, Mohammed didn`t find a cure for cancer, develop nuclear power, or land a (Muslim) man on the moon!!!

  49. Adam says:

    @ Monitor

    Would you or would you not want the person killed if he killed your own loved one? As i have stated you have not witnessed a murder to began with. Just try to imagine it. It’s really brutal with blood spilling everywhere and the victim’s eyes in shock and pain. The punishment is completely justifiable, but it’s difficult to understand the scale of murder unless you yourself have seen it or witnessed it( please don’t do it : P ). As i said, its very easy talking about it here from our computers but out there it’s a whole new thing, sadly.