“Faith Fighter” game unites religions in outrage

<b>Round one:</b> Mohammed and God duke it out in Molleindustria's Faith Fighter

Round one: Mohammed and God duke it out in Molleindustria's Faith Fighter

Representatives of several major religions have called for a game by radical developers Molleindustria to be removed from the internet because it is “deeply provocative” and “disrespectful”.

Faith Fighter is a punch-up game for one or two players which involves bouts between Jesus, Mohammed, Ganesh, Buddha, Budai, and God Himself. According to its developers,

Faith Fighter is the ultimate fighting game for these dark times. Choose your belief and kick the shit out of your enemies. Give vent to your intolerance! Religious hate has never been so much fun.

Douglas Miller, pastor of the Link Church in Birmingham:

This game is going out of its way to upset people and I think it should be taken off the internet.

Playing violent video games will ultimately affect your behaviour and this game is deeply offensive and provocative.

A spokesman for the Leicester-based Federation of Muslim Organisations:

In the current climate, this game can only create fear about religion. Having images depicting Muhammad in this way is also very offensive to our faith.

And Brian Appleyard called it “an offensive, futile project”.

Has it occurred to any of them not to play it?

Molleindustria is the brainchild of Italian artist and game designer Paolo Pedercini. Other games in the stable include Oligarchy, Queer Power, and the previously-banned Operation: Pedopriest.

Hope you’re not busy today.

UPDATE: (April 28) The game has been removed from the Molleindustria site in response to a statement from the OIC. But you can still play it here.

205 Responses to ““Faith Fighter” game unites religions in outrage”

  1. Adam says:

    @Monitor , i’m not some 54 year old Muslim with speech disabilities talking to you. Don’t worry there’s no “arrogence” bashing here : P

  2. Adam says:

    notice the article is not written by a muslim but by : Keith L. Moore, Ph.D, F.I.A.C., Professor of Anatomy and Associate Dean Basic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M55 IAB, Canada

    • barriejohn says:

      @Adam, Oh yeah – THAT Professor Moore! So unbiased that he actually says: “It is clear to me that these statements MUST HAVE COME TO MUHAMMED FROM GOD, OR ALLAH, because almost all of this knowledge was not discovered until many centuries later.” What poppycock!! Have a look at http://www.bible.ca/islam-myths-embryology.htm . Most of this “scientific knowledge” regarding embryology was copied from Galen (c150 AD), and is not accurate in any case. I might also add, that people must have known the rudiments of embryology from very ancient times, both from aborted foetuses, miscarriages, and their rather charming habit of slicing open the wombs of their enemies` wives! How typical of The Prophet and his screwed-up devotees, though, to have spent so much time debating the workings of the female reproductive system – they seemed obsessed with the subject!!!

    • barriejohn says:

      @Adam, That link doesn`t appear to work – try this: http://www.bible.ca/islam/islam-myths-embryology.htm . Is there a way to edit entries on this site Monitor?

  3. Adam says:

    and @ monitor, it is too early to judge if your a better person then me or not. You have seen me or met me and likewise i havnt seen you. Yes you seem ok based on your style of writting, but a real judgment on the behaviour of each other cannot be plausible based on whats written on the internet. And no im not asking you to come and meet me for a date. XD

    • Monitor says:

      @Adam, But a judgement can be based on what a person believes to be acceptable behaviour.

  4. Adam says:

    I can assure you Monitor you will want your killers killed. I know 100% you will think differently if you ever see a murder. Just like me or anybody else. Why? Becasue were human and we tend to think we will act like this, but when an event happens our minds work in the complete opposite direction.

    A good example that i can relate from my life is slacking. Take my average school day for example. At school i think that i will go home and do my homework first, then go play some games. My mind is set and i think that i will carry out this task with all certainty.

    However when i get home, i eventually , through numerouse self lies( ill do it later, or , man im tired right now lets site at the computer chair. ) i eventually slack .

    A completly different scenerio from your average bloodthirsty and brutal murder , but it still nonetheless shows how the human mind works. And no my mind is not crazy or different from yours : P

    • Monitor says:

      @Adam, Even if you are able to miraculously read my mind in some hypothetical future situation and “know 100%” how I will react – it does not follow that it is morally acceptable to torture a murderer to death.

      Are you saying that a personal lust for revenge is a good guide for civil legislation?

      You need to go away and do some serious thinking.

  5. Adam says:

    That makes sense what you have said about judgment. I’m not saying that putting them in prison is bad. I’m saying an eye for an eye. That old bible saying thing. One of the reasons i like islam is becasue it give s the victim the choice whether to prosecute and punish the agressor or to let him go free. You dont see that kind of power in today’s courts and it works well with murders.. IF a victim’s family wants the murder to be killed, then they have full authourity to do so. So you see, it works with your beliefs. If you want the killer to go to prison, ( and your the victim or the victim’s family), then by all means go ahead do so. If you want the killer hanged then go ahead with that too. Thats the beuty, You can do what you want based on what you believe.

  6. Adam says:

    True too, but what do i believe in?

    I believe that a women shouldn’t be punished if she doesnt wear the hijab
    I believe that the killer should be fairly prosecuted based on the vitim’s beliefs.
    I believe that there is somone who created this Universe,( what we have termed “God”)
    I believe that we should respect each other’s beliefs not kill them or bash them or call them names, but critic them in a oderly fashion.
    I believe that there is only one god and that Muhammad(SAW) is the messenger of god, ( not a god , as he is depicted in teh game, but just a simple man, who lived a simple yet good life. )

    Thats what i believe in, does that make me a bad and evil person?

    • Monitor says:

      @Adam, If you believe that the dismemberment, blinding, and fatal dehydrating of several people is compatible with leading a “simple yet good life” then yes – you are either bad or deeply confused.

  7. Adam says:

    curses gotta go to school, : ( and just as it was getting fun.

  8. Maxemoss says:

    Monitor what make you think this crap about cutting hands and feet, searing out eyeballs with a hot iron, and leaving ppl to die of thirst in the desert and this shit your saying about prophet Mohamed is worth to answer for or defend a great man for something as shameless as this , u know some shit is not even worth to read
    I don’t know where have you got this weird story but I have been a Muslim all my life and never even heard this shit and frankly speaking if it was true which I am certain it I not I would not stay a Muslim for a single day
    From what I know about prophet Mohamed he was very tolerant with everyone even people that conspires on his life like Jews

    Barriejohn Mohammed was a prophet he was not a scientist or a doctor or a magician and I don’t think they knew cancer at that time but enough to know that Muslim have laid the foundation for the modern Science and you really need to learn about that. Why can’t you think for a moment that you could be wrong and we could be right? Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to get you to change ur mind I am simply trying to get you more tolerant since ur Christian and as u might know part of being a Muslim is believing in Christianity

    Adam don’t bother your self Monitor does not seem like the kind of guy who need to see or know or meet someone to make his own judgment all he need to know is you’re a Muslim to start pashing you for not being as great as he is
    I don’t think he have ever met a Muslim apparently he got a full head of how nasty we are and how superior his religion is or should I say his race and regards believes again Monitor will only believe what he wants and will only debate it to pash you and push u around maybe with some intimidation but not to but some since to his words and learn something new

    • Monitor says:

      @Maxemoss, You say,

      I don’t know where have you got this weird story but I have been a Muslim all my life and never even heard this shit and frankly speaking if it was true which I am certain it I not I would not stay a Muslim for a single day

      Glad to hear it. The story is from the hadith al-Bukhari, Vol 1, Book 4, Number 234. That’s holy scripture.

      Ask your imam. (He will make excuses, like “they deserved it” or “Mohammed didn’t actually do it” – or just as likely a combination of those two. And you will probably accept them and continue as usual.)

  9. Maxemoss says:

    Did you know that modern civilization as Monitor calls it, the one he think Muslim don’t belong to , until few years back did not treat or think that black ppl, have the same right they do and should not live same way they do or ride and study in the same places they do

    What make anyone think they are about to accept Muslim that easy

    Monitor by the way Islam has been against slavery all the way from the start and you guys lived it until not to long ago

  10. barriejohn says:

    There you are then Monitor – I knew we were wasting our time! If you don`t like the facts, then they just didn`t happen – it`s so simple!! (A religion for simple-minded people I suppose.) How could he not have heard of one of the most well-publicised incidents in Mohammed`s conquests? And as for being “very tolerant” with people who conspired against him, the man was a bloody assassin!!! The most worrying thing though is that I see he introduces the old canard of “race” into the argument: because we criticise Mohammed and his followers we are somehow inferring our “racial superiority”, even though many of them are Europeans! Perhaps it`s true that you assume the characteristics of the person you follow or idolize, because Mohammed was a paranoid, obsessive megalomaniac, and they sound just the same.

  11. barriejohn says:

    Maxemoss – as you say, “part of being a Muslim is believing inChristianity”. This is where I find that Mohammed shows that he was really of his rocker! He accepts that “Jesus” was a prophet of Allah, and that the New Testament contains the record of his life, but all this completely contradicts his own teachings!! I have posted some of the sayings of “Jesus” above, including the well-known verse: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me.” (John 14:6);but there are many more in the same vein. It is obvious that this “Jesus” considers himself to be the Son of God, the Messiah, and the Saviour of the World. You have to jump through hoops to square this with Mohammed`s later claims that Jesus was just another in a long line of prophets, and that he himself had the final revelation from God!!!

  12. Maxemoss says:

    Barriejohn if you are so smart and know it all what make you think that God could be another man who is walking among us what make you think god bleed get into pain sleep and dies just like any of us what make u think he has to go that far to convince a no one like you of his existence I thought he is your god

    As for the the hadith al-Bukhari that your talking about, common man before you read it get the sources some time its more important to know who is giving you the msg than the msg it self ” Centre for Muslim – Jewish Engagement A Partnership between the Hebrew Union” Common for god sick who the fuck are you trusting over word of god Jews and even unborn kids know how much they hate us and how deceiving they can get

    Go to the library man I am sure you can find the actual book with its real translation

    Get a fucking life instead of reading other people hate

  13. Maxemoss says:

    Barriejohn the Bible and the Christianity we are talking about is two deferent things we believe the real deal not all this man made New Testament shit “and by the way who the fuck is John I did not know anyone carry this name in Jerusalem at that time”

    I think you have to square this with John he is the nut case here there is no sun for god and I can assure you he was never married or had a girl friend

    Hope u can find some since in the shit your repeating to your self al the time

  14. barriejohn says:

    You can`t even be bothered to read what people are saying, Maxemoss! I didn`t even mention the hadith in my messages – that was Monitor. And “Jesus” is NOT “my god” – I am an atheist! I have said before that I think Jesus was about as real as Robin Hood, and “The Virgin Mary” as “real” as Maid Marian. However, Mohammed didn`t think this. HE accepted Jesus as the prophet of Allah, yet Jesus claimed to be The Son of God!! There is no way out of this – if Jesus was a liar, then Mohammed was either a deceiver, or very stupid!!!

  15. barriejohn says:

    If no one besides Monitor and I are reading this exchange then I am going to bring it to a close, like poor Maxemoss`s brain (if he has one), as it has become pointless.

  16. Maxemoss says:

    barriejohn you don’t have to go to that extreme I could never say that Jesus was a liar, and sure enough Mohammed was neither a deceiver, or very stupid why cant you simply think you got it all fucken wrong man
    Obviously you’re living with out a purpose but its ok I am sure ull get over it

    Let me but it to you in another way the problem is not with Jesus or with Mohammed its simply how there msg get to us and who deliver it to us and how much fact have we got

    We are not really that far a part Muslim and Christian but some people enjoy working on that fine line

    Even you being so ignorant is not your problem you ware not born with it but unfortunately u were never taught other wise

  17. […] games out there, and the fact Faith Fighters  had been online for a year, who cued the outrage. The background is here – the original game is here.  The artist’s statement on the take down is […]

  18. Umar Saeed says:

    @Barrie John and @Monitor
    Greek were only one of the few, who thought the earth was sypherical, but as history declared it, they being to think it was actually flat, how inaccurate, the quran declared it that it is spherical, not think it is like the greeks do. Also you have said that most of the idea is copied from Galen 150Ad, to be honest, that information is so inaccurate, there is so many contradictions, and so much nonsense, and the verse in the quran is 100% true, it is full of truth, take it to the doctor and they will show how degraded you are, honestly does it even mention a leech like substance in the information during Galen 150Ad, i dont think so, honestly am i talking to a pair of two year olds, stubborn as usual, they required a MICROSCOPE to actually agree with the quran, all doctors who are honest will agree. No such science discription was revealled before prophet muhammed (saw), he is the messenger of Allah, You know why we take making pictures of prophet muhammed (saw) so seriously, is because some people are very evil, they make fun and mockery out one of the best human beings ever. You need to know that prophet muhammed has scarificed so much for the Beleivers, and will help us on the day of ressurection by prostraiting towards Allah for the belivers, so they can go to Paradise. There bunch of fact behind why we find it upsetting, one of the reason i find it offensive is because the love for the Prophet Muhammed (saw). You know there are even more scientific fact then what i have given, there are lots of facts. Seriously, there are very few thoeries which have been proven today, only theories a whole centuries after Prophet muhammed (saw) were proven right mostly. You lots i think maybe Atheist, well you look at logic don’t you, you dont beleive in things which are invisible to our eyes, well than you may still have trouble in thinking what are we doing here, what is our purpose, are we here for nothing. Honesty, how immature can people get, with most muslims here they normally get wiser as you get older, its the opposite for Athiest, you lots get less wiser and undeniably thick. When the quran is the source for major science facts, how can atheist not beleive in it, i guess atheist dont beleive in logic either, basically your a society which is a bit lost i guess, makes perfect sence, 1400 years old Quran is availble, you can transalte it your self, be my guest, it is the truth, you will find exactly what i have said, nothing has changed, only the transalation is the problems now days, because many non beleivers transalate the quran as well, some muslims make misinterpretations as well, but they are corrected, by scholars, and people like Dr Zakir Naik, you should listen to him, he will reveal what is logic.

    Back to embroyolgy, did thecivilization before prophet muhammed (saw) have microscopes to identify the leech like substance in embroyology, no human eye can identify because extremely tiny like a cell. cutting them up, then what they can see the process of embroyology, Lol, wouldn’t they be dead while cutting them up, how in the world can you find the process of embroyology, when the person is dead or you cut them up, this isn;t like a five ten minutes experiement, it takes weeks months for the experiment to be compeleted, esspecially in embroyolgy, how in the world can they spot those tiny cell which human eye cant see, unless they had a microscope, you infact seriously need to think properly before you say any garbage, because you just said garbage in your previous post.

    You consider some of those things done by Prophet muhammed (saw) violent, let me just clearify and compare it to the present society, you live amongst much more cruel people, something of what we call insane. Imagine a human cannibal who ate human, butchered them alive, slowly, cooked them then ate them, would you consider them so violent, Prophet muhammed (saw) had ordered such things so they can never commit such things again, and even if they are in prison they can kill again, if you are aware of prisons now days, you will finds murders within prison, so simply the murderer should be executed, because it is no guarantee he won’t kill again, now you ask, why give them such bad punishment, well the hadiths you described about them having their hands and feet chopped off, then their eyes being branded with hot iron, is justifiable, that person 4 bib sins, he had comitted theft for which is the penalty of hand been chopped off, comitted murder, for which is the penalty of death, and also became infidels, and fouth against Allah and the prophet (saw), four evil major sins, a life of wickedness is what i call. Well this is well deserving since they were going to fight against the prophet and Allah, they wouldn’t be no guarantee of safety from them, they could have gone in a murder spree for all we know, so many people killed, maybe more people being killed in prison if they were in prison as their punishment, so this is perfectly justifiable, also this sort of punishment was done in public, so that nobody does that sort of crime, and words spreads very quickly, just like this hadith, that execution being done in the public is a warning all people, thats why there is far less murders in the saudia arabia than usa uk, europe combined, the Islamic Law is justifiable. So many murders in uk, usa and europe, seriously, Hitler murdering 5 million jews, so many murders every where, except those of religous countries like saudia arabia.

    I think you cant talk now, you just lost the argument, if you continue, your a bigger fool and have a average kids IQ level. Am i speaking to kids.

  19. Ruggy says:

    Sex is the answer. Sex and pot, combined when possible.

    Peace, love and joy. What else do you need?

  20. jay says:

    Religion and peace can not co exist…Even people of the same so called ‘faith’ argue and have differences. Why do people feel they need to look to the sky for all the answers? Why can’t people fucking how stupid they act and start looking inward for answers??!! Believe in god, ahla, buddha, whatever you want, use it as a starting point for how you should live if you must, but grow the fuck up and stop bitching because someone insulted your beliefs. If it causes you anger, maybe it’s because somewhere deep down, you doubt all the bullshit your self.

  21. S.Levy says:

    F**** the s.o.b. Muslims and their supporters! When they publish offenses and threats against Jews and Israell it’s OK, Yes? NO!!!!! IT ISN’T. NEVER!!! Now that they’re paid with their own currency it’s “outrageous”.
    SO F**** ALL OF YOU!

    Islam is a bloodthirsty, primitive, ignorant and illiterate religion invented by a megalomaniac retard who managed to dupe thousands of gullible idiots.


  22. Xfresh says:

    Don’t you think the upset has only been caused by certain religious groups? I am a chrisitian and i have played this game before, does this make me any less of believer in my faith? I do have sympothy for some religions but to make the game seem like its delibratley trying to piss off religious groups. I think you should research what the game is about before you pass these accusations.

  23. dude_452 says:

    Religion is all the same anyway….

  24. So does Jesus. Infact Jesus is a rip off of god.

  25. seo services says:

    Hindu is better. They Reincarnate and they are allowed to kick ass.