Dutch websites not prosecuted over Motoons publication

Good news from Holland, where the prosecution department has decided to dismiss the cases against the TV show NOVA, and politician Geert Wilders. Both had reproduced the Motoons on their websites.

In a statement today (link to Googlish translation), the prosecutor said,

The cartoons are about the prophet Mohammed, not about Muslims as a group. None of the cartoons are offensive to Muslims or incite hatred, discrimination or violence against Muslims. Because the cartoons are not illegal, publishing and distributing them is also not illegal.

Gee, thanks.

Unfortunately, according to the same report, the pro-Arab Arabische Europese Liga is still in trouble for a Holocaust-denying cartoon it published on its website. And the case of Gregorius Nekshot is still being considered.

UPDATE: (20 Aug) The Arabische Europese Liga is upset with the decision that the Motoons are “not punishable” and yet their Holocaust denying cartoon is, and they have republished the cartoon on their website as a direct challenge to the prosecutor.

Here it is:

While anti Holocaust-denial laws are unnecessary and counter-productive, we do find the AEL’s claim that the Dutch prosecutor’s decision is “incomprehensible” displays a woeful lack of basic comprehension skills. The judgement was explained quite clearly: the Motoons targeted Mohammed, not Muslims, whereas the above cartoon attacks Jews as a group. The logic is quite valid, even if you disagree with the premise.

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