Arab European League to be charged over Jewtoon

The BBC reports that the an organisation known as the Arab European League is to be prosecuted in the Dutch courts for publishing this cartoon, deemed offensive to Jews:

As we reported last month, the AEL republished this cartoon on their website in protest at the prosecutor’s decision to dismiss a case against Geert Wilders’ Motoon, while simultaneously judging that their Jewtoon was “punishable.” The judgement was justified by explaining that the Motoons targeted Mohammed, not Muslims, whereas the above cartoon attacks Jews as a group.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of situation which inevitably arises wherever anti-free speech Holocaust denial laws pertain. Legally, the prosecutor has a strong case, but it is understandable that a group such as the AEL sees injustice in it.

Having said that, AEL chairman Abdoulmouthalib Bouzerda has come out with a hilarious example of the kind of solipsistic paranoia which is sadly symptomatic of much of modern Islam:

Freedom of expression is only a pretext to make life bitter for Muslims… and if [they] try to bring this hypocrisy to light, that right is denied them.

Yes, that’s right Abdoul. It isn’t really the cornerstone of democracy and a prerequisite to progress. Freedom of expression is just something we invented to annoy Muslims.


4 Responses to “Arab European League to be charged over Jewtoon”

  1. Stonyground says:

    I would say that the number one cause of life being bitter for Muslims would be Islam.

    As for free speech, I don’t think that these people really understand the concept, they think that it should only apply to people that they agree with.

  2. barriejohn says:

    Am I the only one who can’t see why the Jews are so upset about this cartoon? To me it looks like an anti-fascist joke, but then maybe I misunderstand the cartoonist’s original intention here!

  3. Alfster says:

    barriejohn: you have to realise the Jews and Moslems are different sides of the same coin. Their religions are basically the same…ie.e. whomever wrote the Quorum pretty much copied all the worst bits of Jewday-ism.

    Hence, they both get pissy whenever some one takes the mick out of them or even mentions them not within the context of ‘aren’t they wonderful’. It doesn’t matter if there’s no slight against them.

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