The OIC publishes a Motoon

From Tundra Tabloids comes the news that the Organisation of the Islamic Conference’s “Islamophobia Observatory” published a highly disprespectful caricature of Mohammed in its February report (PDF).

It's a Mo-pig! And it was published by the OIC

The photo-of-a-screenshot-of-a-Motoon was the exact same one which the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet used to illustrate their story of how the image came to be posted on the security service’s Facebook page. As as result of that publication, there was a city-wide taxi strike, a protest rally, and a DDOS attack by Turkish hackers.

Now that the image has been published (with permission?) by the world’s leading organisation of Islamic countries, which makes yearly calls for international blasphemy laws, can we conclude that it is acceptable to illustrate Motoon-related news stories with the relevant images? Or are we going to see street protests, death threats, and hack attacks against the OIC now?

(Hat tip: Islam in Europe)

2 Responses to “The OIC publishes a Motoon”

  1. J.G. says:

    Seems they took the picture ut of the pdf…

  2. Monitor says:

    Just as well I downloaded a copy then.